Don’t Get Ignored!

When a person talks again and again to a person who doesn’t wants to talk to them, it’s kind of irritating for the person who is been approached to talk but it’s SAD for the person who is approaching the person to talk and gets no reply in return.

It is undoubtedly irritating for us to ignore the person who wants to talk to us, but for once, do we think that why the person does wants to talk to you? Do we think about the feeling of the person who approaches us before ignoring them?


At times our ignorance is so prominent, that the person whom we are ignoring might get offended. But we are least bothered about it? It’s wrong from our part. But I would just like to tell all the people who are getting ignored,

don’t waste your life on fools like us, because we don’t care about your feelings, move on in life. Trust me everyone is ignored someday or the other, by someone. Let us realize your feelings when we go through it. Don’t waste your life on us!!! if we ignore you, please go ahead and ignore us…

I just thought of writing this small blog-post for all those who are being ignored by fools like us!!!


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