Child Sexual Abuse : Spread the WORD!

Saw this video today on Child Sexual Abuse… this short film was scary and made me cry. The film was directed and put through very well but the theme and the story line was nerve touching. Child Sexual Abuse is no big thing today, everyone is aware of it, but are we doing anything to prevent it? When I say WE I refer to the whole of India… what are we doing in order to avoid or stop Child Sexual Abuse…?


It can happen to anyone around us or in our house. Sexual pleasures are difficult to handle by many and when this is the case, it leads to Child Sexual Abuse. People have this myth that saying aloud that you have been raped or someone attempted to rape you is a BLUNDER. It’s not. But not saying it and living with it for the entire life looking at the culprit every day, roaming about freely is a shame!!!


In our society a girl talking about sex, rape physical abuse, child molestation domestic violence leads to eyebrows going up. People think that the girl speaking about SEX is a girl with cheap values or a low character female. But all we need right now is Speaking Up at the right time, right place. Sex is considered as a taboo while talking in a social gathering but this is what you need when you are tired from work. I call these Double Standards.


Child Sexual Abuse can be on a girl or on a boy. We are now-a-days aware about girls and their security but even boys go through the same situation if they are sexually abused. Not all the children today are a victim of it but there are many as well. Just being sure that your husband or father is a good man doesn’t mean that they can’t sexually exploit your children. The same goes the other way round for motherly figures.


We have a thing in us which tells us that a known person cannot sexually abuse a child, but friends most of the sexually abused culprits are known people. It is difficult to trust anyone these days but as a guide to our children or to our siblings, we should sit and talk to them and give them the sex education which is required. Talking to a child isn’t easy, as you have to give them details on what are you talking, then why not sit and watch TV with them related to crimes or why not browse the net for some CHILD ABUSE videos on YouTube and then show it to your children.


I had seen an episode of Crime Patrol, where it was about a P.T. Teacher sexually abusing a small guy. That is when I realized that Child Sexual Abuse can be a threat for boys too. i wanted to speak to my brother about this, who is no doubt 17 year old – a big boy, but for me he is a child. And you never know maybe even he is been abused by someone in his college but is scared to tell anyone. I asked my mom to speak to him, but she ignored to what I said. Not her fault, she thinks I man too bold to speak about all this and a MAN should speak to boy about this. Without her consent but I spoke to my brother about this and explained him everything. Also told him that he finds it difficult to talk to me about it he can tell this to his college male teacher or if no option left, he can go to the police.

Talking to your children, spreading awareness with some fun games or videos or photos will be helpful. These steps are certainly taken by many schools today, but we can’t depend on the school completely, can we? We, the youth can go ahead and start talking to our siblings, then their friends, spread the word, keep some seminar for the children in the same society, complex… this way we can let the children know WHAT IS WRONG!!! They should know that calling 100 or 103 is helpful. They should know that talking about Sexual Abuse isn’t a crime. They should know that sexual abuse is a wrong act. They should be aware that touching of any known or unknown person is a CRIME!!!


Spread the word. Talk to the children. They need us!!!

Have a look on both the videos below:


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