A Day For Celebrating Love?


Being in love doesn’t need a day, if you think you are in love, say it whenever the time is right… saying I Love you to your lover on any day won’t be different… if you think its love and you want to say the golden words don’t plan and say, just say it.

I am no relationship guru to give anyone advice on love, as to I am the worst person to consult to when it comes to love. I am indeed very bad in expressing my own feelings but yes COMMON SENSE and the feel of SELF-RESPECT makes me write this blog-post.


Have seen the couples now-a-days, who go for dates on 14th Feb and say I love you and blah-blah-blah, but the question that lies into my head is, “is this for real?” a friend of mine loved a girl a lot. They said that no matter what they would get married. Today she is married to someone else, and he is flirting with all the girls in his acquaintance.

Now-a-days I don’t believe in something known as I Love you… too many bad experiences within the family and friend circle but once my cousin told me one thing that I wouldn’t forget ever. She told me,

“Mita, love is not about saying I love you every day and kisses and making love every night. It’s also not about being with the person on his best days and going out for every movie in the theatre or shopping for birthdays. Love is more than the good things. If you love someone for his good looks today that’s attraction, but if you think that you’d be able to be with him when you’ll are old and cranky, then that’s LOVE. no one can decide if they’re in love or no at an early stage but yes seeing your future with the guy even when he grows fat and a tummy coming out Is when you can say that you’re in LOVE!!!”


To be frank, I never thought my cousin would say such a thing to me, but what she said wasn’t bad at all. Being 21 now, I know what I need in a guy… but this NEED is nothing but attraction. The day we realize that what I need in the guy for the future would be LOVE!!! Have never been in love, but have seen many people claiming that they’re in love. Looking at some of them, I feel I am happy SINGLE but some of them make me feel jealous.

But again as I said that you don’t need a day to celebrate the day of love, it can be anytime. And you certainly don’t need to be in a commitment to enjoy the feeling of being in a relationship. There are amazing relationships that are going quite well without commitments. I am undoubtedly a big fan of NO STRINGS ATTACHED!!! 😛


4 thoughts on “A Day For Celebrating Love?

  1. i agree ashmita. often people confuse attraction to love. and ur right saying i love you on any other day should mean as much as saying it on 14th feb. i guess its just what we humans do. good post 🙂


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