Are you a Foodie too?

I love food. I love writing. Hence today I will do some food writing.

Writers are considered as the intellectual ones. People have this perception that writers are boring and are too much into books. Trust me it’s not the case. I have known people in writing who are not at all boring; rather they are the most fun loving creatures.

I might be a BORE, not a writer yet though. It’s all about what fascinates you. For me except for writing the most important thing is Food. For me it’s not a necessity, but its pleasure. As mentioned in many of my blog posts that I would love a DATE with good food and drinks.


Not the sophisticated wine kind of person am I, but yes I am happy when I get beer with really good food. The phrase of ‘Food and Wine’ doesn’t suit my personality but rather a new phrase has to come up which is ‘Food and Beer’.

Eating for me is as good as writing. It has to be the best one. Buying novels and having an exclusive lunch all by myself is the top most thing on my shopping agenda. If I go out, I need to munch something that has to be good in looks, smell and taste… come-on that’s a basic need of any foodie. Yes I can declare myself as one of the foodie. The reason I love food is because, when I was a child, my mom used to feed me everything. I used to look at my cousin who never liked sweet corn because it always got choked in his throat. I am like 2 years younger to him and as a child when we went to restaurants; I made a point that I would have the sweet corn chicken soup ordered by my dad. I used to look at my cousin and find it funny, because he considered eating as a TASK… pssst… How can eating be a task?

Well yeah for some, it is a task… perception to perception!!! I got this quality of being foodie from my dad. He used to love food and relished everything was on the plate. Yeah, just that the one thing we both always hated were the simple homemade veggies!!! I am not a person who would eat dinner out every day, but if given a chance, why not!!! It is said, that a person who loves to eat variations in food, loves to cook in variations always.

Two most important ingredients in my cooking are Black pepper and cheese. I love cooking things, where I can use both of these… I am not a marvelous cook but yes I and my brother, we both love my cooking, while my mom doesn’t. Reason: Generation Gap. My mom is not fond of the food of today, and I like variations in my food. I like to experiment when in the kitchen (let that be anything!!! – wink-wink!!!)


Planning to blog about whatever I eat… but yeah that will be expensive and yes I will put on weight MORE!!! Who cares about the Weight, but yeah will write about food I really liked and will take a picture of it for sure… so I guess there are more Biryanis and Pizzas with Beers on the way…

are you a foodie? well i am!!! 😀


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