Soul Searching : finding the REAL YOU!!!



Is this what I really want? Is this who I really want to be with? Is this what I want to be? Is this where I wanted to be always? Soul searching is the most difficult thing to do. I tried to Google about it but I wish I got something. Then I realized, if soul searching would be available on Google then it wouldn’t be called as soul searching!!!


I love to do things that girls of my age usually don’t love doing – I love eating junk without thinking twice about the XXL clothes I have to wear after eating it, I love listening to vague music depending on my mood, I love reading sad stories, I love reading about facts and stories on Lord Shiva and Maa Kaali, I love to blog about anything weird and senseless, I believe in not having a serious relationship, I love wearing clothes that don’t suit me at all blah-blah-blah!!! Is this soul searching?

SEARCHED SOUL at the age of 21? Not possible is it? Well you never know… maybe every event of your life would be associated to some soul searching. For me it’s an exciting feeling when I do something that really brings that special smile on my face.


I am sure what I am right now is not what I want to be so why not search for it within and then implement it!!! My dear soul, here’s me to search the real me in you!!!


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