Confusion, at it’s BEST!!!


This year is nothing but a soul searching year for me. As they say, before judging others, judge who you are. It’s never a shame to know who you really are. The first month of 2012 is almost on the edge of getting over, but I haven’t done many things from the ‘101 chaotic list’

It’s time to pull up my socks now. Confusion is the mother of all success stories, is what I feel. Think about it: people are confused about what to do? And eventually after a lot of confusion and lots of thinking behind this confusion, we come to a conclusion. This conclusion after confusion is NOTHING but your success story.


I am always confused. Maybe this is because I have got too many options in life. Confusion certainly comes when you have more than one thing to consider. I find myself lucky to be confused because I have the decision kept for myself. I have the option of choosing from omlette pav and masala dosa, android and blackberry, Facebook and twitter so on…

“Too much is too many”, too much of options leads too many confusions. A person learns to be happy from the confusion he has in life. I am still confused about many things but today I feel happy when I had this thought coming to my mind that confusion can be taken in a positive way.


Today is the 25th day of the year and what I have truly realized is that: do what your heart says! After following this mantra for the year, things seem to get lighter day by day. It’s time for me to rest now, got the pathetic last shift today. Till then guys, be happy with the confusions and enjoy word pressing!!!



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