Discovering the Truth – Happy Realisation!!!

Discovering someone’s TRUE feelings can make us really very happy and satisfied but TRUTH is not always so sweet!!! In fact truth is never sweet!!! It feels good when you know what the truth is… I know it hurts but at least you don’t have that misconception that A PERSON likes you!!!

I know you’d have this irritation for a week or so after discovering the truth but at least your mind would be clear about things!!! People do promise things at times and those promises are not fulfilled but that doesn’t mean that you’d break friendship or relation with that person… GROW UP!!! There can be so many reasons for a person not to turn up on a date and not informing you about that!!! maybe what the possible reasons could be for not turning up for planned date be my next blog post!!! 😛

There is a quote that I really love: “HAPPY REALISATION!!!” Whenever anything bad happens to you or you get to know the truth and you dislike the truth, just say “HAPPY REALISATION” the feeling would be harsh in the beginning but if you keep saying HAPPY REALISATION again and again trust me you would feel better!!! Try doing it!!! It’s a bit sarcastic when you keep saying HAPPY REALISATION again and again but gradually you will get used to it!!!

Anyway this blog post was a warm up session before writing up something real!!!


8 thoughts on “Discovering the Truth – Happy Realisation!!!

  1. There are a couple of things that I don’t feel good to say these days. Some of them are “Sorry,” although I’m really “Sorry;” and asking too many questions when someone I really care doesn’t feel well or go through some problems I can possibly discuss with because that makes them feel that I’m acting like I care. I can relate to that cartoon in this regard. Good find. 😉


  2. Thank you for poking your head up above the weeds. I truly appreciate you taking the time to hold up a mirror so that I can see my self from another point of view. Truth is indefinable and evolutionary; relationships are the only real thing we have to hold in our hearts. Blessed Be. ~Karen


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