DATE??? Depends…

Where a perfect date is, for girl who has a like mind?

Hmmm ‘DATE’ this word would bring smile to a girl’s face. For some girls this would be nothing less than the perfect WHITE set up at a beach with good music, food, expensive wines and champagne and their lover with them. I am no different this would be always welcomed but there are others that would be like a real date feeling for me…


The most essential thing is any date should be personally arranged by my guy.

05.  I really wouldn’t mind if my guy arranges a candle light dinner with food of OUR choice, some dedicated songs or some real old Kishore Kumar or Mohd. Rafi classics on INSTRUMENTAL!!!  I mean that would be amazing!!! I know this sounds too old for a 21 year old chick but as I said this would be liked by like minded people!!! The dinner date could begin with holding hands and a bit of flirting and romantic talks and then some normal talks like work, family, likes, dislikes… and the guy when about to leave me home should give a good night kiss… this is just like any other romantic Hollywood movie!!! How does that matter!!! It’s all good when it’s really done by HIM with complete honesty and love!!!

04. Another perfect idea of date for me would be a real nice walk on the beach. No white decorations with red hearts and roses, no elegant food, no music, no expensive drink. Just a walk on the beach maybe with some junk food in hand and when that’s over just holding each other’s hand, looking at things and talking, listening to the sound of the waves. He teasing me, we laughing and talking about everything and the perfect kiss under the moon. Too perfect again??? I know, it is too perfect, that is because this comes from the Mills and boons!!! 😀

03. Movie and then dinner and then dropping me home!!! Now this is not considered as date but for me even a movie with my guy would be a date!!! As I am FOODIE, would expect that the person I date should be a foodie too or else most of my dates would be without food which means I would be starving in most of my dates!!! That wouldn’t work for me!!! A simple ROM COM with a pop corn and a few moments of holding hands would be more than enough on a date in a theatre. In dinner even a normal dinner at the road side Chinese stall can be romantic!!!

02. What about a breakfast date? I would really love if my guy calls me up in the night before we sleep just to say that, “tomorrow let’s go for breakfast together.”  And in the morning he would act like an alarm and wake me up making me more frustrated and then takes me to a nice Irani hotel and orders the bun muska and chai!!! That would be so sweet!!!

01. Last but not the least wouldn’t be something by him but something by me!!! I wouldn’t mind calling my guy over at my place and actually cook him a nice dinner and arrange for a nice movie on my computer. I am sure HE would love that!!!

Well these are the 5 most favorite ideas of dates for me!!! I am sure like minds would love it, some would criticize and some would have a laugh of the lifetime!!! But yeah you can’t expect more from a person who loves food and ROM COMS… this blog-post has ideas about the dates but if a guy reads this and arranges a date of this sort would be a turn down!!! Creativity is what I or anyone needs!!! Creativity with love works baby!!!


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