7 Reasons to Say No to Marriage

Really found this funny and interesting prompt… this is something that I would really love writing on…

“07 reasons to turn down a marriage proposal (this can be said by a girl to the prospect)

At the age of 21 a Bengali middle class family girl has to jot down a list of reasons to turn down a marriage proposal. I am not sure about the girls in other caste but when it comes to Bengali families the moment the girl is 21 and if there is Durga Puja or anyone’s marriage, the Maashimas and Pishimas (aunties) along with Maa would start searching for a nice ‘ENGINEER’ guy for their daughter… if a family has 2 sisters, so what if they are cousins, the entire family would search for the elder sister first and then the younger one!!!

I thought today why not jot down few reasons that would be humorous enough for a girl to say NO for a marriage proposal. Hmmm let’s try!!!


I would tell the people who want to get me married or the guy who wants to do that:

07. “I don’t want to be a culprit in increasing the over increased population of India

06. “Your surname doesn’t suit my name and doesn’t suit my personality”

05. “Unfortunately you seem like a BOY and I am attracted to MEN!!!”

04. “I get bored with things usually…and I really don’t want to get bored with you.”

03. “I already have many certificates… don’t want a marriage certificate now…”

02. “Spending so much money for a suicide is called as being foolish”

01. “Don’t you love your Bachelor life; I love my Spinster’s life!!!”

Imagine a girl saying this to a guy… its a sure shot NO for the marraige!!! if any of my aunties or my mom asks me to get married now i will certainly give one of this one liner to them and i am sure they will be stunned and say NOTHING!!! I will be SAVED!!!


2 thoughts on “7 Reasons to Say No to Marriage

  1. My apology Ash but I can’t hold myself to smile to some of your list here … I am continuously reading about the Indian tradition, customs and ways and I am fully understand where are these things coming from, I honestly feel sad in some reasons of why it is happening … wishing you the best… 🙂


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