Winter is something that has frozen every Mumbaikars mind… today in the morning while I was on my way back it was so cold that a person couldn’t even think anything!!! All the time I was thinking of how to bring that warmth in my body… we were shivering and didn’t even care to talk… ahh by ‘WE’ I mean Shrabani and me!!!


I started thinking of fire and that gave me the warmth…. Ahh well this blog post is not about a winter morning or the weather but it’s a blog post on 08 things to do on a winter day and night by a single!!!

1. Reading a romantic novel. Oh!!!  Man reading a romantic novel all cuddled up on your bed in the winter afternoon is awesome. This certainly brings the warmth single needs without a guy. To some extent it does brings the similar warmth that a guy could give, not the exact warmth but substitutes are good.


2. A single would go shopping not for his or her lover but for themselves. I love shopping during winters because that is the best time to pamper you!!!

3. Get yourself a nice and expensive dinner. Food brings the warmth. Buy yourself something that you love!!!


4. Go on a weekend trip with your best friends

5. Playing board games.  I love board games.  Playing carom and chess is the best thing to do on a winter’s eve…

6. This is weather is the best time to clean your room/closet!!! You won’t feel hot while cleaning your room… usually when I clean my closet I sweat and that’s one of the reason why I hate cleaning my closet!!!


7. Having ice cream!!! NO! NO! NO! I am not a fool but yeah having ice cream on a chilling night is the most wonderful thing ever… try that it is amazing!!!


8. walk  on the beach in the winter night with music on your ears and a hope in the heart that one day someone would be here along with you holding your hand and giving you that warmth!!!


So people have a romantic and lovely winter!!! People who are single, don’t worry, 2012 would be a love filled day… people who are in a relationship, enjoy your winter day and nights!!!


Enjoy wordpressing!!!


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