can’t it be SORTED????

And he asks…. “We’re just friends?” the reply would always be “YES. You were always and will be” but is it really difficult for guys to be FRIENDS with girls? There was a time when I had all guy friends and I actually used to hang out with them, used to hit them, touch them and made fun of everyone. NOW, they don’t hang out with me, because I am a girl… I don’t hit them because the moment I touch them they have an embarrassment on their face and making fun is out of question… MALE EGO!!!

I’ve always said and believed that: “guys and girls can be FRIENDS.” But maybe even I was wrong. Why can’t guys be in the FRIENDS ZONE? I have had a best friend who is a guy and I used to tell him everything, EVERYTHING!!! But now, things are different… we hardly talk… REASON: he doesn’t want to be in my FRIEND ZONE forever!!!


No doubts that best guy friends can be a good lover but what if someone must’ve not seen you as a lover. Maybe you were always my best friend, whom I can tell who my crush is, when I broke up, when am I going out blah-blah-blah!!! But I think when people say that: “Girls and boys can never be friends” maybe they are right. End of the day OPPOSITES ATTRACT!!!

I always believed that a friend can be your lover and a real good one but BEST FRIEND (of the opposite sex, in my case) cannot be a lover, because BEST FRIEND IS A BEST FRIEND!!! I wish that best friends always remain best friends. It’s somehow weird for some people to digest the fact that best friends or lovers!?! Why to complicate life so much? A friend should be friend, best friend should be best friend and a lover should be lover… sorted!!! Well I hope people understand that confusing with emotions can lead to confusion of relation!!!


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