07 EXCUSES for not working today!!!


Creativity??? Comes from within, isn’t it?  It indeed does! Well I know I am losing the charm of my blogs, moreover because my life is filled up with UNWANTED THINGS!!! On this line Shrabani would say, “Your life is not filled up with UNWANTED THINGS, but you are making such UNWANTED THINGS important in your life!!!”

So, today I planned to write something by taking a PROMPT from the prompt website and then write something!!! Yeah don’t blame me if the blog post starts with something and reaches somewhere else…  I will just follow my heart and the words will start flowing… 😉

Ahh finally saw a prompt that caught my eyes and my fingers, mind and heart were all set to move together in the perfect rhythm… this prompt won’t let me divert the topic from SOUTH to NORTH, but if my Team Leader or Manager reads this they will ask me to log out and have a one-on-one with me, for sure!!! Still in two minds–to write or not to write???

Ahh well it’s better to write and fulfill my quench of writing… well the prompt that I came through was “07 excuses for not working today!!!” Sounds fun, isn’t it? Well yeah this really sounds fun and being and expertise in ‘Absenteeism’, writing this up is NO BIG DEAL!!!

Excuse No. 1


“I am not feeling well at all.” I know this is the most common one, but you tell me what inhuman would your boss be who would ask you to come on a day when you inform him/her that you are unwell and really can’t manage to turn up for work. I know some bosses can be very very very inhuman, but NO Comments!!! Yeah so this excuse is the world’s most common, most used but the most eligible EXCUSE!!!

Excuse No. 2

“Someone in the family(far-off) is dead!” in reality when a person gives this excuse 90% this excuse is a genuine one, but 10% there is a possibility that people kill, dead people. No one will ask you to turn up to work if there is a death in the family. NEVER. And this one works!!!

Excuse No. 3


Sibling not feeling well” this one is still not a cent percent sure excuse but, at times it does work. I have never tried it but you never know, if someday I may try it… so gross of me to lie about my brother’s health but the worst part is my brother keeps using this excuse for his college and it does work… 😉

Excuse No. 4


“Met with an accident” this excuse will not give you a day’s off but a week’s off altogether… sounds good? Yeah it does, but it’s only good unless your boss calls you up to ask, “Which hospital are you in?” if your boss is a good boss to ask you about your well-being and sweet enough to come to visit you with some flowers, then please don’t use this as an excuse, because this will lead you not into trouble but will lead you out of WORK!!!

Excuse No. 5


“Got an urgent work in bank” no boss will ever tell you to skip a bank work for your office… yes but again people working in complete day shifts can use this excuse, if a person like me or any other BPO employees would use this excuse, who has a NIGHT SHIFT will certainly be the DUMBEST of all…

Excuse No. 6


“Got to fill up my form for further studies” this is again not a full proof excuse because at some places they would kick you out if you plan to study further, but if your bosses are really good and EDUCATED types then this one is the best one…

Excuse No. 7


“Will be late as have an appointment with doctor” this one really works. Though the word used here is LATE but usually doctor’s appointments are so late that no one will ask you to come back to work…

Writing this post will lead to a rejection for me in the future if I have to go hunting for a job and if any of my employer would read this. But this post is also about TRUTH!!! This is what most of us do… but yeah whenever making any of these excuse, one should make sure of the tone they are using. Trust me a sad voice and a SORRY would make wonders… most of the people, at times even including me give such crap excuses to our bosses and then do nothing but sit at home and enjoy a movie or some good book and food or go out with friends to hang out, or just SLEEP…


Some bosses really know how to make people work and some bosses are such who have some humanity to consider one unplanned leave… my TL is so fed up of me that when he counts people for OVERTIME, he doesn’t even care to count me in that, he rather says, “you come to work on the days you working, that would be enough.” I am actually so shameless that I laugh on it though I know he is insulting me, but how does that matter, when my company gives me SICK LEAVES, it’s good to be sick once a month!!!

Hmm written a lot… no LOVE, no RELATIONSHIPS, no HATRED, nothing to do with my genre of writing but loved writing it… will think, rather try experimenting more EXCUSES in the coming month to continue today’s list… lol…

Special note to my two DEAR READERS Friends, “all the contents in this blog post are not meant for OUR TEAM LEADER. Hope you’ll understand!!!” 😀 😉 🙂


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