Life, as it is!!! (Shrabani Kolay)

The Long Road Home

this poem iswritten by my Best Friend ‘SHRABANI P. KOLAY’  this was technically written on 10/11/2010 …. ahh long time, i know!!! well she asked me to post it on my blog and that’s what i have done… posted it…. well written Shrabani…

”On The Long Road of Life”

On the long road of life

There are many who go by…

But some of them comes in sight

Whereas others are just Passersby’s…

No one knows who they are

But all of them are at Par…

We seem to be so engrossed

That no feelings never Arouse…

Still there is something that holds

Which some of them Beholds…

Sometimes we just go for this care

And sometimes we just Stand & Stare…

Many of us just let them go

So alone we Grow…

Lucky are the ones who beholds

Coz they have someone for them to hold…


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