Funny Human Behavior??? Love???


We, human are the funniest creature created by God… there are times when we don’t smile while talking to a person but at times we smile while sitting in front of the computer. What are we smiling at? The computer? The screen? The colors? The font? Or the person whom we are chatting with? Now obviously the last option is the correct one.

There are times when I am talking to my friends in person and don’t even react to what they say but there have been times when we speak over Skype and I keep smiling to whatever they say…


Ahh why am I writing this post today? Well, because today in the morning when I was talking to my friend on Skype (just chatting, no video chatting!!! My webcam got spoiledL) I realized that I kept smiling the entire time. You must’ve felt this feeling at times as well… this is possible even when you’ve lost it…

In simple words, a mad person can talk to a photo, laugh aloud in front of the computer and smile while chatting to someone… this is possible if you’ve lost it completely or if you are really close to that person, rather you love that person… yes you tend to smile like a FOOL when you are in LOVE… actually most of the foolish things are done when you are in love… and if you are in LOVE, then GOD bless your soul…


Well I am not in love (I don’t think so…) but yeah maybe I have LOST my mind completely and that’s the reason I was smiling even after the person went offline… I found it funny later and thought to blog about the funny behavior of a human being!!! I am so sure that my two regular readers, Shrabani and Navin would have a doubt as to WTF is this!!! Well this is nothing but the result of Insomnia…


4 thoughts on “Funny Human Behavior??? Love???

  1. Ohhhh wow can I relate to this! I too have recently been smiling like a fool! hehe I am learning to equate it to…..happiness. Embrace it. Love it. Dont question it because its not always there. I whole-heartedly welcome a foolish smile every moment that will provide me with one 🙂


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