it is CERTAINLY a MESS I chose!!!

Someone recently made me realize how frustrating my life actually is!!! Though the words were harsh but somehow I loved it… can’t do anything about the TRUTH!!! I do accept the fact that I am frustrated in life!!! Now the question is what is leading my life to frustrations? Well as Shrabani always say, “You are the one who takes all the responsibility on your own head and then keep crying ‘I HAVE TO DO EVERYTHING!!!’ ”

The keeda in me, where I think it’s ME who has to do everything in life, makes my life miserable.  I know that I am really confused about WHAT NOW and WHAT NEXT!!!  But if I change this attitude of mine, will I be ME??? God knows… things change with time… when I have a look at my life today; it is certainly changed a lot then what it was 7 years back… I was far more than MISERABLE I am right now…

Anyways, it really feels good to read a blog on yourself… today I can understand what people feel when I write blogs about them… I am feeling good though!!! Thanks UTSAV!!!


4 thoughts on “it is CERTAINLY a MESS I chose!!!

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