New Year’s Resolution is a must when the year begins. Everyone makes some New Year Resolution for sure. Sometime in your life, you must’ve said during New Year: “I will lose weight… I will quit smoking… I will study hard… I will respect my parents… I will never lie… blah-blah-blah!!!”

To be frank, every year I used to make a list of things as my New Year Resolution… trust me guys, I never followed them. The year I took the resolution of losing weight I was blowing up… the year I thought I would study hard, I almost flunked… they year I thought I would never fight with my mom, I was 18 and rebellious…

This is what happens when we keep resolutions… let’s have a look on the resolutions I can never keep and why?!!?


won’t flirt with any guys!

Imagine girls taking such RESOLUTION would be like end of life for guys… Naah!!! Not really but yes this would imbalance the society…

Quit Drinking

Everyone wants to earn and live a life. Everyone has a family to take care of. Everyone has to have some sort of income. Quitting beer or any other alcohol is the most SELFISH decision one can take. I love Vijay Mallya not only for his fortune or his good looks or his powers but also for the beer. JAI HO KINGFISHER!!!


Stop Buying Novel

With reading nothing good has happened, except for improvisation of Vocabulary and some reality checks in the form of FUN!!! There are people like me who keep a novel in their bag so that they are not alone when travelling in train. FOOLISH people!!! Well In that case yes I am foolish and I love being so…


Stop Texting

Imagine you get up in the morning with no text message on your phone. NIGHTMARE, isn’t it? Or imagine, you at work and then check your phone and no texts from your friends, lover, spouse, mom!!! Man! No one would like it… I am no different.

Stop spending time on Facebook and Twitter

Who would like to sit on the computer just typing, playing games or surfing Google the whole day? Believe it or not, but people have a life on Facebook and Twitter… it feels good to see people liking your photo or video or commenting on your post or re-tweeting, your tweets…

Getting that 36-24-36

Ha ha ha!!! I and 36-24-36, is IMPOSSIBLE!!! Well I have lost weight for sure but that was because of the travelling and stress at work… me, skipping meals again- NEXT to IMPOSSIBLE!!! The only time when I don’t eat or say no to food is when I am really tired of chewing or tired of EATING!!!


This is the last thing I can ever do. In reality I can actually do everything I have written above except for this… can you imagine your life without breathing? Will a fish be alive without water? The answer to all of this is NO!!! So, I not writing blogs; is impossible…


Rather than making resolutions that you will try doing, make resolutions that you would never stop doing… if you’re a Dancer take the resolution of never leave dancing. If you’re a writer, take the resolution of never quitting it. If you like laughing aloud in the most unsophisticated way, take the resolution of never stop laughing… don’t say: “I WILL DO THIS!” rather say: “I WON’T STOP DOING THIS!”



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