No scope for hope – Nothing can get better than this!!!

Imagine you and a person like each other – You’ll are not in a relationship for sure but both are aware of the other’s feeling. You’ll have been away for a while. No phone calls, no messages and haven’t met each other as well. Now imagine the person comes somewhere near you. Maybe in your neighborhood or maybe at your work place and guess what you don’t know about it!!! The other person knows that you are there but is so busy that forgets to tell you. You come to know from a friend and you don’t believe; thinking: “oh come-on that’s not possible. He/she will certainly let me know if he/she is here!!!” then one more friend come and tells you. Then you think: “hmmm maybe this is true!!! Naah can’t happen. It’s all crap!” and then guess what your best friend tells you. Now this can’t be FALSE.

Well the reason behind saying this is NOTHING!!! Something’s are better known to others. Now in the top situation if the two people were lovers or were in a relationship there would have been confrontations, fights, arguments and emotional drama. But I mentioned in the beginning of the post: “You’ll are not in a relationship for sure” in this case there would be no confrontations, no fights, no arguments and no emotional drama. But there would be something. Rather when these two people meet, they would talk like normal friends but their eyes would speak and would give explanations and ask for explanations. What is this? Naah guys I am not taking the same old track of LOVE but the question is simple: WHAT IS THIS?


Now the topic of the blog says: NO SCOPE FOR HOPE, I know I have taken it the other way round. I know it is actually called as NO HOPE FOR SCOPE but when I say NO SCOPE FOR HOPE, I mean it. Some things in life are such that we cannot have any hope about them. For example is there a scope for a broken mirror to get fixed. Such a hope is USELESS…


At times I feel like yelling: “Why this Kolaveri DI?” ahh!!! Navin I am not changing the topic… Lolzzz… well yesterday evening Navin told me that I change the topic of my blog from ABC to 123 and then again ABC… so I am not changing the topic this time. When I say Why this Kolaveri Di, I feel it… when people have hopes of improving things that are impossible and then get hurt because the response was not similar, then I feel like telling the opposite PARTY: “Why this Kolaveri DI?”

Anyways getting back to my MAIN TOPIC: No scope for hope… so, some foolish people think THIS can happen. When I was a kid, I wanted to speak to Shah Rukh Khan and meet him. My dad came one morning, and I came to know that he met Shah Rukh Khan in one of his Orchestra that he had organized. I thought he is lying. Finally came in the big photo in my house and there was my dad with the real Shah Rukh Khan… no playing with the photo…  nothing… I had the feeling of MY DADDY STRONGEST!!! Then I didn’t realize that because my daddy was the organizer of the show, it’s very practical that they would have some pictures together.


Now I started hoping of meeting Shah Rukh Khan… but as we all know, how impossible that is. But as a child I didn’t know that there is No scope for hope. I told my dad that year on 2nd November: “papa I know Shah Rukh Khan is your friend. I want to talk to him and wish him birthday.” My dad looked at me and smiled and said, “beta, he is a busy man. He is THE Shah Rukh Khan. We can’t just call him up right?” but being too stubborn I wanted what I wanted. So I made glumly face and sat on the bed. He looked at me and told me: “it’s only 7:30 now, we will call him at 9:00” I was happy like never before. I took my bath and had my breakfast and was all ready to wish THE Shah Rukh Khan. It was past 9 and I went to my dad and said: “can we call him NOW?” and he said: “yes” he dialed a number on his mobile phone and spoke to THE Shah Rukh Khan and wished him birthday and then said: “Shah Rukh bhai, my daughter would like to wish you.” And then he passed the phone over to me and there I was on the phone with Shah Rukh Khan. I wished him and then he asked me about school and my studies and how much do I like my dad’s magic shows and etc. I was the happiest girl then. I thought every year I would be able to wish him. But as and when I grew up I realized my dad had many artiste under him who are the best in Mimicry but I never asked him ever after I grew if I ever spoke to the REAL Shah Rukh Khan or the mimicry artiste. I was happy with the fact that my dad did what I wanted. I was happy for the moment.

Hmm CHANGE OF TOPIC!! AGAIN!!! Well but from the dad paragraph on the top would just like to say that my hope was hopeless… it had no scope for improvement. I could have rather hoped for something like, I wish I turn out like my dad so that I would be able to meet the big stars and famous personalities. But no what I hoped for was speaking to Shah Rukh Khan… Urghhh!!! Well I have been hoping for hopeless and senseless things since childhood. Even today at times I wish to have an affair with some nice good looking actor/model…

Well when I say “No scope for hope – Nothing can get better than this!!!” this is for ME!!! My scope for hope is too narrow. All I can hope is for small things or larger than life things. And trust me nothing can get better than this because end of the day I am HURT!!!

Feeling relaxed after jotting down the words of my hearts today. Shrabani thank you for the REALITY CHECK!!! You are a sweet heart!!! Anyways people, keep reading, keep blogging, ciao!!!



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