Girl’s Fantasy: LITTLE LOVE — THAT’S IT…

Any girl’s fantasy!!!

LOVE? Yes.

More LOVE? Yes.

Only Love? YESSS….

All the girls just want little love which is never LITTLE, in reality, but yeah we do call it LITTLE and then we also say THAT’S IT!!! When we say: “That is all I am asking for…” it means the ALL is actually ALL… and why not?

Now let’s see the things that a girl actually wants… hmmm…

As a child every girl cries for attention of her dad. Somehow baby girls will be more comfortable in their dad’s arms…

I remember as a child I was scared of my mom and always used to run to my daddy for everything, anything and NOTHING!!!

As and when we grow, we then want some more attention. Now this attention is the Teacher’s attention in school… girls would usually take the first bench. Keep their books neatly covered and complete. Submit projects and home works on time.

Then we need attention from our family, friends and this is all we want all our life… we need total attention and little love!!! REMEMBER LITTLE LOVE!!! (I am certainly being SARCASTIC!!!) Well at times even I need the same LITTLE LOVE. Even you might need that LITTLE LOVE.

Now a boy reading this would make faces and think in his mind: “ahh exactly what my GF says…” and girl might be thinking: “exactly all we want is LITTLE LOVE”


Here LITTLE LOVE is all about LOVEY DOVEY love not the family and friends’ love.

LITTLE LOVE means a hug when we really had a difficult interview. LITTLE LOVE also means a small kiss on the cheeks when you saying: “you look beautiful…” which means you are suppose to tell that to your girl as well (even if she is not…)


LITTLE LOVE means looking into her eyes and saying: “I Love You”. LITTLE LOVE means calling your girl during the day just to tell her how good your presentation was. LITTLE LOVE means telling her how good she was in expressing her feelings.

A girl who loves you would never expect for unrealistic things (though at times they are very unrealistic). I am not trying to say bad about girls here, I can’t because no matter what I am from the same community… anyways… at times I feel that yes GIRLS ask for more but at times small things are actually very small, that a guy feels, why the hell is she asking for such a small thing?


At times, a girl just want a hug after a tiring day at work and then just cuddle with the man of her life on the couch and watch a movie and then just go to sleep in his arms… NOTHING MORE THAN THIS!!! Now this is what at times seems unrealistic but if we think about it, it can certainly be REALISTIC…

Well girls are the most difficult creature created by GOD and that’s the reason no one can understand them… GOD himself cannot. And believe it or not but it is really difficult to live without a girl and their unnecessary tantrums…


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