Just because I have uploaded some cute and funny pictures on my Facebook and my twitter updates are weird doesn’t mean that I have a boyfriend!!! Come-on I don’t need a boyfriend!!!

Now I really don’t understand that why does a girl need a boyfriend? Can’t people see a girl happy? I am happy without a boyfriend… now when I am saying ‘a boyfriend’ the stress is not on boyfriend but on ‘a’… this means ONE!!! Well I have got around a dozen of boyfriends and I am really happy with all of them…

I have got one SMS boyfriend, one Skype boyfriend, one phone boyfriend, one blog boyfriend, one is enemy boyfriend and so is the list… why do I need one man to have all this things in him… on a serious note, I am really happy with my boy-friends… why do I need a lover when I have got so many friends to love me…

And my best boyfriend is always there with me no matter what… now this will really sound weird but my best friend is my boyfriend… now the best friend is not a guy but my BEST FRIEND Shrabani… she is the best boyfriend one can ever have… lolzz… I am so dead for this…

But yeah keeping a boyfriend just because others have one is a dumb idea… what will happen if I have a boyfriend, I have to keep my eye on the phone always… asking someone all the time, “what you doing? What did you eat? You missing me? I miss you. When we meeting? Let’s go out?” Blah. Blah. Blah. DUDE! Get a life!!!

Single life is the best life one can ever have… you can do anything you want… live the way you want to. Meet as many guys you want to.  Party every night. Live your life!!! well I am happy single and would CERTAINLY write a blog for people if I fall in love… till then let me enjoy the single 21 life!!!


8 thoughts on “M so VERY HAPPPPY!!!

  1. I totally agree…. Freedom is precious…. Ppl realize its worth only after getting in a relationship….and all the responsibilities that come as a free package with it.


  2. hahaha, I like the live your life quote, actually yes if we have boyfriend there is someone we are going to give everything and in the end there is someone who will get hurt or make us happy….. haah… I’ve been this just a month ago and the pain is still here now I am enjoying being single….


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