For all the Bunts out there!!!


Ummm now this blog-post is a special and the blog-post for which Shrabani is going to kill me and Navin is going to ask me many questions and my other readers would have an eyebrow up!!!

NO! NO! NO! I am not in love yet, but this blog-post is about a FEELING… now what feeling is this? Hmmm well it’s about my interests… now the thing is which interest of mine is this post about… well it’s about the SOUTHIE connection… I don’t understand a word the south Indians speak but somehow I really love the BUNTS. I love the way they usually look… let that be Shilpa Shetty or Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Suniel Shetty or the latest would be Prakash Raj (Jaikant Shikre of Singham)… well all are my utmost favorites… I loved them before I could know what the Bunts are!!!

Okay now the next thing that I really love about the Bunt community is the ‘Vadungila’… okay now eyebrows are up!!! Well it’s the ring worn by the Bunt brides. I have told my mom already that no matter whom I marry, I am going to buy the ‘Vadungila’… even if I marry a Bong I will buy the ring… ahhh… the moment I see that ring it takes my breath away…

Anyways moving from the ring the next thing that I really love about the Bunts is their FOOD!!! Damn! The Sukkha Chicken with Kori Rotti is my favorite… I can live on the southie food… now when I say southie food it can be Bunt food, Tamil food, or any South Indian Food…

And last but not the least is the Bunt guys… My my! They are super hot!!! I mean they have this personality in them mahn… I really go ga-ga over some Bunts… they are HOT!!! They have seductive eyes and most of the bunt guys do have really good lips… lolzz… but anyways they really have that charm in them… they are cute and hot at the same time… my first teenage crush was a bunt, named Kartik Nayak, who was also my best friend… and then again met another Bunt and no words to describe him again…


Anyways I would love to date a Bunt someday… and have some Sukkha Chicken with Kori Rotti with him on our date… 😉 jokes apart but this blog is for all the Bunts all over the world. I am really sorry if there was something wrong said by me about someone or some community but I really love the BUNTS…


Shrabani don’t get mad at me, but yeah you know my soft-corner for the southie food, ring, film-stars and the hot guys!!! 😀


Navin, please don’t have that question mark on your face it’s just a blog-post on Bunts and my love for them… Don’t bombard me with the questions of yours… 😛 lolz…

And other people…. Ahhh nothing just enjoy the blog…


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