boredom also means going to the loo…

boredom can lead to many things. for some it could be drinking tea, having a beer, texting your friends or lover, or for me it can also be going to the loo… ahhh so eyebrows up again? well i was at work now and all i did was asked my team coach: “can i go to the loo?” and she said: “yes!!!” i logged off from my system and went to the loo… while on my way to the loo i was wondering, “what the hell am i supposed to do in the loo…” i actually didnt want to go to the washroom because i didnt want to… but i went… NOW WHAT??? i had approximately 5 whole minutes for the loo break… i entered the washroom and nothing can get better than an empty loo… i played with my hair for a while, tied it in 3-4 different styles… eventually went back to the same old traditional style of mine…

i was just wondering what would people do during their boredom… i know this person in my office who actually sings songs when at work when he is bored… me and shrabani keep talking, at times i drink water… some people gossip and some people keep looking at the computer screen (NAVIN this one’s for you!!!) there are different ways to get over your boredom…


7 thoughts on “boredom also means going to the loo…

  1. hahaha aha! gotcha ashmita…. well If I feel bored I went up to reading books or all the blogs I follow or chatting some of my friends but if it isn’t working I played my fave songs or checking out amazing photo’s and arts and trying to analyzed each of them and presto boredom… gone…


  2. Ha Ha! Loo is the last thing that will come to my mind when bored. How about a cup of Tea? Now that would trigger a visit to loo!! 🙂 Glad you didn’t scribbled on the walls like most other would.Playing with hair is fun.


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