bringing life to the blog-posts!!!


Why do I have pictures in my blogs is something, someone recently asked me??? Hmmm indeed a very good question but I wish I had an answer to it…  the reason to why there are pictures in my blog posts is something I need to think…

Let’s THINK THINK THINK!!! Maybe because it depicts the exact emotion that is there in the paragraph that I have written… now for example I write: “and then had the feeling that no one could understand” if you just read this line, would you understand anything? Naah… and if I write: “and then had the feeling that no one could understand” and just below it I put a picture of a girl who is happy and jolly… now you would know what that line meant…

Somehow searching the pictures from Google is as difficult as searching for a topic in my mind… I need to find that exact picture that would portray the exact emotion… putting in random pictures means writing down 123 when asked for ABC… so now you know what makes me put the pictures…

Earlier, I never put any pictures in the blog posts and now when I read them I feel like saying YUCK!!!  Somehow the pictures brings more life to the posts… my writing is good no doubts but bringing few colors to it is no harm, is it?


3 thoughts on “bringing life to the blog-posts!!!

  1. yes finding the exact picture that show what is exactly the emotions you want to convey is sometimes harder in the topic that u wanna share …. I like this post we feel the same…. best regards


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