Writer’s Block: Not Again!!!

Big big big confusion!!! The confusion that frustrates me is: “What to write?” I haven’t written anything for over 14 days now… which is technically 2 whole weeks!!! Well I really don’t know what to write!!! M getting a writer’s block again… I remember once a friend of mine told me that whenever we get writer’s block it’s because our mind and heart needs some time to relax…

2 weeks is quite a vacation now… my heart and mind must’ve relaxed, but NO!!! It needs more time… it is confused and blank about what to write?? Hmmm… this can’t be a reason right… well maybe I will write something tomorrow… maybe I will write a blog post for my MOTU – my sweet little brother… well yeah he is the only guy in my life right now on whom I can write something!!! 😉


6 thoughts on “Writer’s Block: Not Again!!!

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