Expectations hurts!!!

Romeo and Juliet.
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People say expect only such things that are possible. I think this is wrong. If we have to expect or dream about things that are possible then what’s the fun? Expectations should be weird… if an upcoming actor think, “I wouldn’t get the Oscars because I am just an upcoming actor” makes no sense… this simply means you think you are NOTHING… this perception is WRONG!!! Everyone is SOMETHING… I am nowhere close to good writing but I still expect for a Noble Prize Award… I may be the worst advisor on the floor, but I still want to get renowned as the BEST ADVISOR…


Expecting is nothing but setting up a standard for yourself, as to where you want to reach… not necessary that everyone’s expectations would be career oriented or academic, for some people expecting that “this guy would be mine” can also be an expectation. My mom is expecting me to have a nice and permanent government job, while my expectations with life are larger than that, but it depends from person to person.

Now, the question arises, WHY ON EXPECTATIONS TODAY? Why no blog on LOVE? Well, this one is on love as well, but this time it’s not about my love but about my best friend… I was smiling the whole time today, I tried to hide something from her but something’s just comes in front of you… expectation that leads to sadness in my best friend’s heart is so not done!!! Eventually it makes me sad. NOT DONE, right? Well sh*t happens, as we say… it’s really okay if at times things don’t happen as per our expectation. LOVE means giving and if you keep this in mind life would be loving… I know it sounds weird from me who always cries for LOVE and tries to find love in MILLS and BOONs and ROM COMS but this is the fact that even I believe… let your LOVE go, if it’s really yours then no matter what and how it will come back but if it’s not yours then why to cry over it rather find your true love then!!! Just want to tell you something Shrabani – no matter how bad life is acting with you and no matter how sad and vulnerable you are, trust me I am there with you…

Sometimes I wish life was easier then I it is now… at least when it comes to someone’s love life, it should have been easier… if we are not suppose to be with our love then why to fall in love… people easily say ‘MOVE ON’ but I wish the meaning of MOVE ON was as simple as it sounds… it is way too difficult to actually MOVE ON when you are vulnerable in LOVE!!!

Ahhh!!! finally I feel so relieved writing something in my genre!!!


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