Crumpled Papers: do they mean something, anything or NOTHING?

Crumpled paper or rather I must say crumpled papers tells lots of stories… when I say this, it doesn’t mean that there would be many FLOP stories in these crumpled papers, but these crumpled papers may mean a lot for some and nothing for some… there was a time when I used to get up in the morning, wear my specks and used to look at myself in the mirror and then look on the floor to see the crumpled papers… when I used to look at those crumpled papers it gave me the feeling that yes daddy is there… my daddy used to throw crumpled papers every night when he used to work at home (his office work!!!)… in the morning looking at those crumpled papers I felt the satisfaction of daddy being there… It was a habit for me to look down on the ground after I would wake up… as we say some habits never change… this is one habit that never changed for me… I still look down once I am up (I don’t know why or searching for the crumpled papers!?!)



As I said CRUMPLED PAPERS can mean different things for different people. My mom always used to find those crumpled papers by my daddy a MESS!!! She used to shout every morning, “Why can’t these papers be in the dustbin???” and my daddy used to give her a smile and say, “SORRY” I know he never meant those sorry… whilst for my brother, those crumpled papers literally meant nothing… for my daddy though, these crumpled papers meant the satisfaction that he has the work that he loves doing…


What were those crumpled papers? This is one thing I never tried to find out… I never bothered to pick those crumpled papers and open them and read them. For me it meant – THINGS OF DADDY!!!




Small things in life can mean a lot… like for me crumpled papers by me means – I am CONFUSED!!! Crumpled papers by me also means too much of ideas… but crumpled papers by my brother simply means an effort to get that OH SO PERFECT HANDWRITING… he is one guy who has crumpled papers all over the house just to get his handwriting a little bit closer to mine (I hate my handwriting, but he loves it!!!) talking about my mom, crumpled papers for her has always been and always be nothing more than MESS!!! She is one person I know, who has never had the mount of crumpled papers… rather she gets angry when she sees them…


For many of you reading this, crumpled papers maybe nothing but for many it would mean a lot… a writer knows what crumpled papers can mean… it can mean – WRITER’S BLOCK as well as TOO MANY FLOWING IDEAS for a teenager It means feelings, love letters, crushes, first love, for many studious types, crumpled papers means more and more numbers while for some people it can mean SIMPLY MESS… and for some it can mean MEMORIES!!!



Guys try to find memories and feelings in such small things… many of us reading this will now think at least once about crumpled papers. Think what it means to you… find meanings and I am certain about it that you will find some meaning in them…


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