love just ONE PERSON : YOU!!!


 Writing something for someone is always special… but what is more special? It is writing something for you… when would I write for myself? Now the eyebrows would be raised again, thinking: “isn’t writing all this giving her satisfaction?” well no… last 7 days I didn’t write anything… frankly speaking I wasn’t tired but didn’t know what to write!!!

I used to think at work: “what to write after going home?” but before could get an answer I forgot the question… I wasn’t ignoring writing but yeah writing was running away from me… that was a sign that I am doing something wrong!!! I am doing something WRONG with my PASSION!!! BIG MISTAKE… wrote a blog post before this and was satisfied, because I wrote what I wanted to write, I wrote something for ASHMITA CHATTERJEE and not for some TOM DICK AND HARRY!!! I was happy… I had a smile on my face… and immediately after that one, I started writing this!!! Now, this is a sign, saying I am doing something CORRECT!!!

Doing justice to your passion is the RIGHT thing!!! I have dedicated number of blogs for many people but from now on will try to dedicate all the blogs for just ONE PERSON!!! That is NO ONE but ME!!! Will write from the heart… will write things I hate and love… will write book and movie reviews… will write about my dreams rather night mares… will write about my LOVE towards my PASSION… will just write about things that are IMPORTANT IN LIFE!!! People, if trying to take out some hint or meaning out of THIS please don’t do so because this is from the SOUL… and this is end of the day CHAOTIC SOUL!!!


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