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What do we want in life? Do I actually want to serve the Brits and begin my day with, “Thank You for calling Barclays, how may I help you?” do I really want to earn a handsome salary after keeping my self-respect at stake? Do I really want to listen to all the crap they say? Do I really want to be at some place taking calls all day and then say, “Hectic day at work”?

This was all about work, now when I talk about my career, career and job for me is two different things right now… career is my passion while job is my necessity… it is always good when your necessity is fulfilled with your passion… it is always the best when your career is your job… this way your job would never be boring…

I always wanted to learn and teach… I always wanted to gain knowledge and then give knowledge in return… I loved learning new things and always loved to speak to people with like minds listening to me!!! I always loved when people heard me and then said; “GOOD” I always loved reading aloud in my class… I felt confident when I used to stand in my school and read out a poem aloud… I always loved reading news in the school for assembly… reading a story in the assembly over the mike where the entire school can hear me through the speakers was the cherry on the top… I always loved reading my name on the top when it came to essay writings or heard my name over the mike… the feeling of hearing “Ashmita Chatterjee” brings complete pride to me… my name is my pride when taken with things I really love to do…

I have an insane mind, a creative mind, a CHAOTIC MIND… I am certainly not here to sit in front of a computer typing names that I have never heard or talking to people, whom I’ll never meet… I am rather the one to sit in front of a computer writing a story, an article, and a poem, rather something creative… I am the one who would sit and make notes for teaching others and then after a really tiring day at work I would sit and write my creative mind out… RESPECT is what all of us want… I love working in a BPO, but are my customers giving me the RESPECT? Just because I am working as an ADVISOR doesn’t mean that they wouldn’t respect me for what I am… well I love talking to people, but now I am just tired of tolerating the disrespect… not all of the customers are the same, some are very sweet, while some are really very upset… but RESPECT is something that you need… the more respect you give over the phone, the more you get smashed by their words…

Well, anyway, I always wanted to teach people, I always wanted to make a difference with my teachings, my writings, my so called philosophy… I want to be in the teaching line, meet new people, meet new students, teach them something while learn something from them.

My brother tells me why to be a lecturer if you eventually want to be a writer and I always explain him one small thing: “as they always say, never keep knowledge to yourself rather spread it… not that I am some social service freak… but yeah teaching or rather being in centre of the class and speaking with 100 heads turning as I move is something I have always dreamt of… always wanted to talk about stories and experiences to people who are interested in them…” my brother feels teaching is not a profession but indeed everything is TEACHING…

Going back to the main topic again: do we do what we really want? We actually don’t… my mom feels a job is a must and hobby is something that is to be done when you are free… today was my week off and I did nothing, I watched 2 movies back to back and then took a beauty bath and went to meet my cousins…
WEEK OFF OVER!!! Where is my hobby here… my hobby or my passion is writing and I can do that only when I have no one around me so that I don’t feel the disturbance while I am writing… wouldn’t it be much better if I take up Writing or reading as my profession? Won’t I be more interested into it if I really do something I love? well I think we all should do things we love… if you really love dancing then go and make your career in it… you will never get bored of it… if you love singing then go ahead… love writing? Go and write… strive hard to make it your best published work… love acting? Go and give competition to Julia Roberts… love eating? Go and learn cooking and be the best chef ever, just do what your heart says and not what the society does!!! If you don’t know what you love doing then close your eyes and see what you can dream of? If you can visualize drinks, then go and learn bar tending… if you can see animals, then go and protect them… if you see football go and grab it… JUST DO IT… and when i say teaching it also includes TRAINING in a BPO maybe!!!

😉  😉  😉  🙂  😉  😉


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