it’s all LINKED!!!

Today when I was going to work I saw this small girl holding a doll while she was sitting in the train with her mom… she held her doll so tight as if someone is going to snatch it away from her… she was cute enough to be clicked but my bad, I didn’t have my camera with me… I regret!!! But that girl was so cute, especially when she was hugging her doll… I personally am not that fond of children but yeah this one was an exception… well I am not writing this post for that girl but I am writing this post on the doll she had, actually on all the dolls…


I remember, when I was little, I had so many dolls… my dad used to buy all the latest ranges of Barbie for me then. I used to love my dolls the same way the girl today loved her own doll… I used to decorate the Barbie houses, like any other girl. I used to talk to my dolls and used to comb her hair and do all the funny things, well they weren’t funny then but now when I think of those days I feel like laughing my heart out!!!


There was a time when I threw all my dolls at one go!!! Not because I realized that I am grown up enough to play with dolls but because I had seen a movie that sowed the seed of fear in me for dolls… the movie was a Hindi movie released in the year 1996 named, Papi Gudiya with Karishma Kapoor as the lead actress… though I don’t remember the movie that well but what I remember is that it was a horror movie, where the ghost is in the doll… the night I watched this movie with my father and that night when I went to sleep I was continuously looking at the place where all my dolls were kept neatly by me… I started feeling that all the dolls in the room and in the world had ghosts in them!!! The next morning I just got rid of all the dolls… I know it’s very funny but this happens in reality… there comes a time in our life when the thing or the person we love a lot will be hated the most by us!!!


I just wish that the girl in the train isn’t going to face the same thing as me but apparently all of us goes through this phase someday or the other, where we tend to hate someone/something that we love the most today!!!



Many people might thing that there is no connection to the doll story and this but read it again and you will certainly find the link between the two!!!


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