Love Struck???

The feeling of being in love is indeed a good feeling… this is my status update on Facebook… this status update can create some hype… I won’t say that I am in love or no… but as I always say, I won’t deny anything as well…

Let’s talk about love again!!! Is it only about Valentine’s Day and rose day and expensive gifts and lots of cuddling up? For me NO!!! I think it is all about being together no matter what! It is about being in love… now the question arises is what do you mean by being in love? for me being in love means when you don’t have the feeling of CHANGE!!! For me it means a bit of jealousy, a bit of insecurity, a bit of trust… actually there is a nice list of falling in love rather being in love!!!


Let’s have a look on the list of being in love…

  •  Jealousy is ‘so’ required when it comes to being in love… me talking to a guy and no response from my guy will make me angry… I would want him to tell me: “baby, I really don’t like when you talk to him!!!” if he says this he will get a surprise hug from me… but yeah too much of anything is BAD!!! So over jealousy would be something that would make me angry!!! But yeah little bit of jealousy is required…
  •  Trust is again equally required. In fact without trust no relation can dwell and this is LOVE!!! Love needs trust. The guy I would be in love with, or any girl reading this, or any guy reading this would agree to the point TRUST!!! Without trust now-a-days people don’t get jobs, this is LOVE my loves… when your guy or girl asks you: “where were you?” and you reply: “was busy with work.” He or she should understand rather believe your reply… and you should be loyal enough to tell them the truth!!!
  • Understanding is something usually friends and family have. In my case, my best friend Shrabani understands things even before me saying it… but I can’t be in love with her!!! Not the LOVER’S LOVE!!! lolzzz!!! But yeah that’s the level of understanding one always expects from their lover; wherein the significant other should understand what we are trying to say… understanding is something all the couples lack… today, if boyfriend tells the girlfriend: “the problem is you don’t understand me…” the girl would counter back saying: “do you?” the problems with understanding is that, we expect a lot… understanding means everything… I once asked someone, “what kind of girl would you fall in love with?” and he said, “understanding is what I expect!!!” and then I said, “okay!!!” but now I realize that UNDERSTANDING is everything!!! Now one man can’t get everything in a girl right? And vice- versa!!! But yet trying to understand your lover is something one can always try to do!!!
  • Surprises don’t mean only expensive gifts but there are many other surprises one can give their love!!! now for a person like me, if a guy would cook good food for me that would be quite a surprise… or if I call up my guy and ask him to meet me after work and he says NO and then turns up after my work, that would be quite a surprise… surprises of any sort is necessary… it brings the additional feeling!!! But yeah surprises don’t mean texting your girl or guy on her birthday or on Valentine’s Day: “loved you a lot… but it’s over!!!” 😉

  • Accepting the person as he/she is; is another element in the list of being in love… now imagine someone falls in love with me… and after few months of being in relationship, he tells me: “baby go to the gym and reduce a bit na!!!” this is not accepting me the way I am… or if a guy tells me to “BEHAVE” when I am in public and singing my favorite song in the most besura voice, again this means that he is asking me to change!!! When we fall in love with SOMEONE why do we ask them to change later, if we do that which means we never fell in love with them but trying to change them as per our taste!!! Not done dude!!! Accept the person as he or she is!!!
  • I know I always say that one never falls in love with their best friends, but I guess that’s wrong… we always fall in love with a friend if not best!!! Now to be precise, I have two best friends… one is obviously all of you know, SHRABANI while the other is a guy… it is not possible to fall in love with Shrabani but falling in love with my guy best friend is something I am actually scared of. Most of us have this feeling for our friend with an opposite sex; that, we may fall in love with them someday!!! It is a great possibility and one of the best things that can happen… many of us would think of our friends now while reading this part of the blog post… well it’s always good to fall in love with someone who knows you in and out!!!


A friend told me on Friday: “your blogs are going shorter and shorter day by day!!!” well for that friend of mine today it’s more than 900 words!!! 😉


Again would like to tell people that the feeling of being in love is the best feeling ever… so keep feeling it and I hope all of you’ll reading this would realize who your love is!!!


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