Connected People!!!

Internet connections can be so annoying at times… especially when it’s on your phone… as it is on the phone internet I can’t chat that well through my EBUDDY because by the time I am typing something; my friends ask me the next question… and then when I skip on some question they ask me, they get annoyed… also due to net connections, at times our conversation is not completed…

No doubts that due to internet and various chat rooms we are in touch with our loved ones!!! But at times when this net connection acts funny, some things become nasty!!! Today when I was in my favorite TRAINING ROOM NUMBER 3, and was chatting to the sweetest guy ever… but JUST A FRIEND!!! And he bombarded me with questions and I was about to reply to his: “HOW ARE YOU?” just then he asked another… and then another… I was so happy to see so many statements from his end but then my sweet trainer mocked at me saying: “please keep your mobile phone aside!!!” and I had to respect my trainer… but by the time I saw that guys chat messages on my chat box and I went to reply to one of them rather last of them he was offline!!! I always knew how bad his net connection is but this time it was not about bad connection but about bad timing!!!

I know he would be reading this blog and I just want him to know that my week off is Saturday and Sunday and I am not angry!!!

Technologies can do wonders… this just reminds me about Skype… it is so convenient for us to chat on Skype when at home… me and my cousins have chatted for hours on Skype and that results in no tensions of typing!!! As it is I am tired typing the entire day at work… well I am writing this blog post with a heavy eyes and sleepy mood… so this is not the blog that I wanted to write, but anyways guys be in touch with people close to you…


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