… Not only ‘JUST FRIENDS’ but also ‘BEST FRIENDS!!!’

Girl’s story:

Girl knows about each and every girlfriend her BEST FRIEND had… she knows about when he is going out for shopping… she knows his favorite color. She knows how to cool him down. She has his number saved under emergency contact. She knows how many cigarettes he smokes in a day. She knows how he looks when he is sleeping. She knows his bike number. She knows his address by- heart. She knows his parents name and also knows his mom’s maiden name… she sends him messages from work, college and home. Her morning begins with his text and ends with his text. She compares every single guy with him. Well that’s not her LOVE but they’re JUST FRIENDS!!!


Boy’s Story:

He knows about her favorite actor. He knows how she looks when she is crying. He knows how to take care of her when she is angry. He knows her flavor for ice cream. He knows what she is scared of. He knows that she love beers. He knows her shampoo brand. He goes out shopping with her. He shouts at her and then gives her lots of ice-cream. He tells her about all his girlfriends. He sleeps over at her place. He knows everything about her past and her family. He knows her genre of music. He spends his weekend with her. He knows what speed on the bike would keep her calm. He knows which color would suit her and which color would she like. He knows everything about her. But she is not his LOVE, but they’re JUST FRIENDS!!!


Well many of us might have that best friend who is of the opposite sex… many people say BOYS AND GIRLS CAN’T BE JUST FRIEDNS!!! Maybe some are true, but when I say some are true which apparently means, some are wrong as well… I strongly believe that a girl and a boy can be best of friends as well… not necessary that all the opposite sex friendship means RELATIONSHIP or AFFAIR OR LOVE OR WHATEVER!!! At times it might lead to love but friendship can be pure friendship as well… people need to understand the fact that a girl and a boy can be very good friends… I have many guy friends rather most of my friends are guy and fortunately or unfortunately I don’t love any of them as a lover but I love all of them as friends!!!


I love to hang out with my guy friends because there are no gossips, no bitching around, no talking about makeup and dresses and pathetic things… rather just FUN!!! It’s always better to be in a gang of boys rather than be in a group of girls… it depends from perception to perception as well, maybe the girl sitting next to me in the train would hate being with a gang of boys as they talk senseless things at times… to be very frank being with a gang of boys means be ready for all the comments on girls and other abuses… but being the only girl in a group of guys means being the darling of all… to be frank my guy friends keep like a darling, they make fun of me, they hit me hard when I try to flirt with some guy and then say, “you are not good In this… let it be… have PEPSI” and then start laughing… they at times forget that I am girl and then comment something that they shouldn’t in front of a girl but then they just ignore me and don’t even say a sorry for saying that thing!!! But guy friends are really very sweet… at least for me!!! And yeah I still believe girls and guys can not only be JUST FRIENDS but also BEST OF FRIENDS!!!



12 thoughts on “… Not only ‘JUST FRIENDS’ but also ‘BEST FRIENDS!!!’

  1. Yep, I too have been lucky to have a wonderful guy as my best friend. Though we are not in touch now he will always be my BESTEST friend ever. I realllllllllyyyy miss him……..


  2. Just one beautiful and touching post. I used to have a girl best friend in college. We were inseperable. We’re still friends now but we have our own families that kept us busy. But she is still a great friend. Treasure your friendship always…


  3. sweet post. I agree with the ‘guy’ friend 🙂 syndrome. They are must, must, must to have. I am SICK of my girl friends to be honest. Can no longer take their whines,,,,


    1. yes u r absolutely right ambika! girl friends can at times get on your nerves! and too much of PINK if you have that kinda girl friends is nauseatic! 😉


  4. Reblogged this on Life Uncensored and commented:
    Damn, I loved this post. And I cannot agree more. No offense to my girl friends, but girls you are BORING, YAWN!! I am tired of hearing about your fatty ass, about your mother-in-laws, about your lives, about your sad love stories, about your sex lives, about your dreams, about your marriage craves, about your family planning, about your husbands and their multiple affairs…in short, I am BORED of listening to your life and thus we NEVER MEET!!! Yes, I AM AVOIDING YOU!!
    This post that I am re-blogging is about why women should have guy friends!!
    This post is dedicated to all my guy friends. With them, there are no gossips, no bitching around, no talking about makeup and dresses and pathetic things… rather just FUN!!! Life is simple when you have guy as friends, they as husbands, boyfriends….err that’s a different ball game altogether.


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