missed the last chance of saying Love You PaPa…


Today I saw this video on a friend’s profile on Facebook and in the beginning I thought it would be just a random video on father and daughter… but this video was amazing… it was sad, it was very depressing for me…

Tonight, after watching the video I cried like a baby… I literally sobbed!!! I just missed my father… I felt like holding him and saying him, “papa I love you a lot… please come back!!!” but I know I don’t have that chance now…

that's me and my dad!!! 🙂

I just don’t know why am I writing this or what is making me write this but, the video was a master piece… people unlike me, who have their father please after reading this blog and watching the video, go back home, give a hug to your dad and tell him how much you love him… let him know his daughter or son loves him. Let him know that he is wanted even though his children are grown up… trust me it really feels very bad when you know that you don’t have your dad when you go back home… I feel the urge of screaming at times when I need my dad but we can’t do that because that would make you and others in your family really sad… there are times when there’s a guy behind me and stalking me, I wished I had my dad with me to take care of it… there are times when I fall down and scream papa even now!!! There are times when I see all the pictures of me and my dad… though I don’t remember any of my memories with him as a child but his memories as a teenager will always remain alive in my heart… really miss him today… I wish I could have just met him for once and just hugged him and just cried my heart out… this is for the first time after my dad died I am missing him so much!!! i miss him even more now because i didn’t meet him the last time when he was counting his last breath!!! i just wanted to tell him that he was an amazing dad and no matter what i still love him!!!

me and my dad!!

Guys please, let your loved ones know how much you’ll love them… don’t keep back from anything… just go give them a hug and say I LOVE YOU!!!


4 thoughts on “missed the last chance of saying Love You PaPa…

  1. Wise advice. I have many things I wish I had told my father, but didn’t. Also somethings I said and wish I hadn’t. It is a part of life.


  2. Awesome post….once again I can only say I truly understand every emotion and feel them…i m missing my dad too….last week i was in tears too for the same reason…


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