My First Book Review for the book : “I’m not twenty four… I have been nineteen for five years…”

“I’m not twenty four… I have been nineteen for five years…” saw this book on Flipkart and guess what; I was totally attracted to the title… I just placed an order without reading the review of the story… I was just attracted to the title… very impressive… I kept thinking the whole time, “what could be the story exactly!?!”

Though it is said: “never judge a book by its cover” but I did and I always do and I am always right with my judgments… the four days waiting for the book was pathetic for me… I started cursing myself for not reading the novel… I know I could have always gone and read it on the net but destiny didn’t want me to read the review maybe… three days my net was totally down… and the remaining one day was the worse day at work…

I was sleeping and it was 12:30 pm and my brother came to my room and woke me up. I abused him and then asked: “WHAT IS IT?” he informed me that there was some parcel for me and I was more than excited (if that’s a term!!!). I gave the broadest smile to the delivery guy and took the parcel. Threw myself on the bed and started revealing the book… I have this habit of smelling a book before reading it… and as a ritual I smelled it and tied my hair up and there it was, finally the hard copy in my hand!!! I flipped the book and read the summary of the book first and the description of Shubhro was fascinating…

Finally read the ‘Acknowledgment’ first and THE WRITER SACHIN GARG had become one of my favorites. Yeah right, just by reading the acknowledgement I was his fan!!! The THANK YOUS were put in so creatively that I already made up my mind about the inner extract… I was all set to read the book… started reading the book slowly and gradually… took pauses while reading it because I wanted to feel it… it is indeed a book to be felt while reading… Saumya the female lead, rather the only female was a typical delhi-ite. She was a typical girl. I was jealous of her when she went for shopping and purchased all possible formals…

I started turning the pages one by one and I was totally into the book. I started talking to my best friend about the book and the characters. We writers always have a feeling that our characters are REAL!!! I am sure Sachin must’ve considered his characters as real as well… I could feel his characters… Malappa’s character was none the less than the type of guy that would be described as: ‘dark, grungy, smart, impressive and full of attitude…’ while reading Malappa’s description I wished I had a guy like him but slowly and gradually when I read further I couldn’t have asked for anything less than Shubhro… There were many reasons for me to be attracted to Shubhro. One of the reason was we both being BENGALI!!! I was so happy with the fact that he was a Bengali… the way Sachin described him, trust me I am still in love with Shubhro.

In fact, I was so much into the book that at times I forgot that I am reading the book while travelling in the train and was about to miss my station!!! I was totally engrossed in the book that my mom started shouting at me, because on weekends when I am suppose to spend time with my family I was busy lying down in one corner of the bed in a nice cozy position with a pillow on my lap and slow music on the speakers and beautiful words read by my eyes… this book actually worked on my all the organs… my eyes could visualize Shubhro, Malappa and Saumya.. I could see Malappa and Saumya kissing and could feel them… I could smell the marijuana and the perfumes of each of the character… I could feel the beer… I am glad I didn’t get tipsy just by reading it… I could feel the touch that the characters shared… this book is the best random choice I have ever done… I have been publicizing this book at my work and at my friends circle as if I am the author of the book.

As I said, there were many reasons that I was attracted to Shubhro. Other than he being Bengali the next was he being a total traveler. I have always wished to do it… BEER was the next thing about him that I really liked… his looks, not to miss that one!!! His knowledgeable attitude and his noble gestures is something I have always searched in a guy… and last but not the least BLOGS and photography… this is what really attracted me… he was a BLOGGER and a PHOTOGRAPHER… I mean what else a girl can ask for in a guy… Sachin has put in all the qualities in Shubhro that I have always wished for in a guy…

The funniest part was, I went to my mom in the kitchen and told her: “I like a guy… really into him…” she was a bit shocked but then must’ve thought that her daughter is already 21 and finally likes someone… rather got someone from her league and she asked me: “who is it?” and I said: “Shubhro” she had a smile on her face because she thought it was some real guy that too Bengali… and then asked me: “is he working with you?” and I burst into laughter and showed her the book and told her it’s the main lead character of the book and she was furious on me but finally understood that what I was looking in a guy… well it’s not about what kind of guy I want, but it’s about how well Sachin has put up the words and described each and every character in detail as well as each and every situation in detail… it was none the less than watching a movie…

At least I could visualize the entire book… the best part of the book was though it showed the problems in the real life but still had the love effect and I was crying in the end when Saumya was reading Shubhro’s blogs… it is one of the best books I’ve read till date… This is the first book review I have written and this blog post is totally dedicated to the writer of “I’m not twenty four… I have been nineteen for five years…” Sachin Garg. Frankly speaking, I have written this blog post on his request… I was going to write on this book but not that soon but he really motivated me to write this… I spoke to him just some time ago and he is really a down to earth person and is indeed one of my favorites now… I asked him for his blog address so that I can view that as well and he gave me his blog web address and I was so eager to view this:

I was totally in love with the characters and the author and the book after reading this wonderful piece… this is one book that I would recommend all my friends and all my blogging friends to read… you can always buy this book from Flipkart or just ask it from me and I will lend you out my book… this was a wonderful book to have, read and enjoy and finally I just completed my LIFE’S FIRST BOOK REVIEW that too on the request of the Writer himself!!! i am now waiting for the new work of Sachin to get delivered at my door step by FlipkarT!!!


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