DISTRACTIONS : necessary for NOW!!!

Distraction is what I need at the moment… a distraction that would distract me to the core… I need a distraction that would distract my mind and my heart!!! The distraction has to be ‘hot and nice’ because I want to get distracted from something/ someone that is hot and nice… well there can be many distractions but not all the distraction would suite me… CHOICE is something that is again what I go for… ‘Something hot and nice’ is the term I used and not ‘anything hot and nice’. This makes a difference right?


Let me inscribe some hot and nice stuff!!!


Mills and Boons

Some real good collection of Mills and Boons would do wonders. This is going to distract me from everything… I might just go and buy some this weekend or maybe ask my mom to rent out some Mills and Boons for me from her office library… the guy in the Mills and Boons and the chemistry between the characters is something that would distract me. So the first DISTRACTION that is HOT AND NICE would be some really good Mills and Boons (office romance collection would be an added advantage!!!



Double Trouble

Now many of you would wonder what this is and many might have a smile on their face, some of you will already have a watering mouth reading the three letters… and the one who don’t would have watering mouth once I tell you’ll what’s this. Well Double Trouble is nothing but a donut from M.O.D. it is nice and hot… The melting chocolate and the warm bun is something that is a total distraction… I can forget everything when I am eating that… I don’t even remember that I’m sitting in Inorbit Mall and many people might be looking at me when the chocolate is all over my face and hand!!!



Hot Wings

As for me like many people food is the ultimate distraction. Some good hot wings and coke from KFC might do wonders as well… maybe that would help me get distracted… the hot wings are undoubtedly hot and spicy and nice!!! This one can really work as a nice distraction.



Romantic Comedy movies is my genre of movies… it’s in the list of distractions because it is indeed a good distraction… to get over someone or something or rather to be distracted of someone or something Rom-Coms are amazing. Watching ‘No Strings Attached’ or ‘No Reservations’ or ‘27 Dresses’ or movies like this can be really a distraction. Distraction means something that would make you forget about things haunting you, at least for a while.


Writing can be another distraction for me. But only if the writing is not about that hot and nice someone or something… maybe writing about me and my friends or maybe me and food or maybe me and my family or maybe about me and anything but that hot and nice someone or something. Writing is indeed a getaway for me depending on what am I writing!!!




This one is the most effective one. Flirting with other guys would be a total distraction, maybe!!! Safe flirting is always good. I wish I was good at it. As we say, practice makes man perfect, so does it for the women and maybe a bit of practice of flirting would work for me as well…

Well maybe this is all the distractions that I might consider as HOT and NICE. Well I need these distractions all at once maybe… this weekend would or rather should be a distraction week for me!!! Fingers crossed!!!


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