not yet BORED of being SINGLE!!!

i have been single since the last 21 years…. and this is something people either can’t digest or rather they don’t want to digest…. The most common questions asked to me are: “why don’t you have a boyfriend? Why aren’t you in a relationship? How come you are still a virgin?” is it too weird or WRONG for a girl who is 21 to be SINGLE, VIRGIN and HAPPY??? When someone asks me, “Do you have a boyfriend?” and when I say NO!!! I can see their one eyebrow rise up in astonishment!!!

One girl when asked me the same question and on hearing the same answer she counter questioned me, “WHY?” I feel such people are dumb who first asks close ended questions and then when the answer is know there is another question like WHY???

The question ‘why’ is the worst question ever asked!!! For me giving reasons for obvious question is like LATIN in front of a person who knows nothing about LATIN!!!  For me it’s like why to make a boyfriend, I am just 21… who said this is the OFFICIAL AGE to make a boyfriend??? For me 21 means, you are just out of college and this is the age to make your career and have fun in life… there comes a time in your life when you will get serious and fall in love and eventually marry a person… but for me 21 is not the age to fall in love and definitely not an age to marry or be serious in a relationship…

My mom asks me, “Mita, do you have a boyfriend?” when I say NO!!! The counter question is, “most girls in your age are already in a relationship!!!” now my confusion here is; shouldn’t my mom be happy that I am not dating anyone or is she just concerned that I am normal!!! Well hell I am SO NORMAL!!! I have crushes on so many guys… I have crush on every good looking guy at my work… I flirt with many guys at my work just with my eyes… I dedicate a whole blog posts to some special guys… I keep chatting to my best friend (boy) the whole day (if I am awake!!!)… just that I don’t find any of my crushes potential enough to be my guy or rather be my man!!!

Yeah this reminds me that the main problem with most of the guys I meet are that they are GUYS and not MEN!!! Handling me is not an easy task!!! A man can easily take care of me while if it’s a guy, I have to take care of him… I really am not the girl who would like to take care of a guy; rather if necessary I can take care of a MAN!!!

The point is, is being single going to kill someone??? How does it matter to a girl who is sitting beside me at lunch or a guy who has studied with me for the last 3 years… my life, my decision, I am single!!! You think making a boyfriend is fun or trendy at 21 then I am not stopping you, go ahead make 1 boyfriend, spend your life with him… I am happy flirting with my share of men!!! Being 21 doesn’t mean that I SHOULD HAVE A BOYFRIEND!!! It is simple, I DON’T WANT A BOYFRIEND!!! If I have to be in a relationship now then it would be simply a casual relationship as I’ve always said!!! I am not the one to be tied in something serious!!! I get bored of things easily… I got bored of commerce in 3 years… I got bored of eating my favorite chicken chilly… I got bored of wearing the same sandals every day, I got bored of travelling in the same train every day, I get bored of looking at same faces every day… then how can I be serious now with just one guy… rather I will be in a relationship when I am bored of being single!!!

Being single means you’ve the liberty of eating what you want, wearing what you want, talking the way you want, partying like an animal, drinking like a fish, choosing your own career, not giving up your weekend plans, going for a movie of your choice… the main thing being single means you always have the option of dating any guy you like, in my case any man I like!!!

Well on an ending note, I am just 21 and happy BEING SINGLE!!!


7 thoughts on “not yet BORED of being SINGLE!!!

  1. You are a modern, intelligent, educated young professional woman. There is nothing written in the stars that requires you to rush out, get married, and start having babies. You have plenty of time for that if you chose to do any of it. Your mother’s generation faced a different world with different challenges and opportunities. Much of her advice on life’s matters will be good because it is tested with experience, but some things are different now and allow you freedom that she did not have in her time. You have to follow your own star in these matters.


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