Another Night Resulting Insomnia!!!

Slept at around 10 and woke up in every half an hour… turned from left to right and then right to left to center, not getting that particular position in which I could sleep comfortably… searched for my mobile, found it… went on Facebook came back  to the text messages of my mobile… totally confused as to what to do!!! Was sleepy but unable to sleep…

Went to my mom, hugged her but still no sleep… hugged my pillow— no SLEEP!!! Sat for the next 10 minutes in the yoga posture with swollen eyes—-eyes that wants to sleep without any dreams… hair all messed up… looking pathetic with messed hair and swollen eyes!!! Got up and begun the hunting in the kitchen… found nothing attractive to eat… I wanted chocolates but unfortunately couldn’t find it… saw a packet of popcorn… made the pop corn, took it in a bowl made some kokum sherbet… switched on the TV… nothing impressive to watch… to my rescue was then the TV show CASTLE… watched it for a while… was done with CASTLE, pop corn and the sherbet but yet not sleepy… washed my face and again went on the bed to cuddle up but couldn’t find any sleep…

Thought for a while that: “how can this be possible? Me and no sleep? I am the laziest person in my family and I am the one who is famous for sleeping whenever possible!!! Something’s seriously wrong!!!” all these words in mind and I went to sleep for another half an hour… got up again with a nice headache… felt as if I was drunk or it was a hangover but fortunately or unfortunately I didn’t drink last night… I was sad for some reason… reason unknown to me as well… but usually when I am sad or depressed I sleep more to forget all that was going through but this time I couldn’t… I remember the first time when I woke up it was because of a dream… I don’t remember what the dream all about was; but it wasn’t good for sure otherwise I wouldn’t have been awake all night…

Had tea in the morning but still the headache was there… why do human being goes through such situations… there can be many different reasons for this… being insomnia has become a habit for me now… me listening to loud music and not looking at my Facebook while typing this and not eating anything is BAD!!!


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