A Love Letter? Maybe Not but a LETTER!!!


I have missed you since the day you have changed… I am missing the real you… I miss the way you used to laugh… I miss the way you used to cry for silly things… I miss the way you used to go to sleep in movie theatre… I miss the way you used to look at the mirror and say, “as usual looking good!!!” miss the way you used to stick to your mobile when someone was talking to you… miss those long walks with you… miss the way you used to cry in the movies… love the way you used to eat and never go to the gym… I know why you have changed but don’t change yourself for anyone… if the one you love can’t appreciate the fact that they have a beautiful thing to love then why are you wasting your time… you know what there is someone who really loves you… that’s me… I really love you a lot… none of my days have gone when I have not thought of you… I want to hear you yelling in your besura voice when your favorite song is playing… and then want to see that unsuccessful attempts of yours to cook something but then tasting it and then say, “not that bad baby… it turned out something really good… but I don’t know what!!!” and then followed by this dialogue your tongue out because you finally cooked something… I remember the first day when, you tried making rotis and it turned out to be the worst map ever but still you had your own roti which was very raw but you had that self-respect that if no one eats it then you’ll eat it and show people that it is edible… I miss those moments when you used to sneeze and then just keep on saying GOD BLESS ME!!! The way you used to run when your phone rang… keep forwarding the most beautiful messages… the excitement in your eyes when you would see a new book of your genre… the way you used to spend nights after nights just reading different novels… I am missing the real you!!!

This is not something that a guy or a man has written for me or i have written for any man or guy… This is a letter that I have written for me and different girls like me… who have changed in years or months just because of one small thing called LOVE!!!


One thought on “A Love Letter? Maybe Not but a LETTER!!!

  1. i love reading this… it is a letter indeed..its up to the reader how they see things in between the lines… it appears as a love letter to me.. it has the intensity of love and emotions.


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