One Song; Many guys: Another Confusion!!!

When I listen to a song it either makes me think of the original actors or else it makes me think of some people… for example the song ‘Yeh jo Mohobbat Hai’ sung by Kishore Kumar reminds me of my Best Friend of 6 years, Shrabani… we simply love this song… the song “Gulabi Aankhein jo teri dekhi…” sung by Mohd. Rafi reminds me of my mom, because she loves this song (original version…)

Music indeed plays a very important role in every man’s life… that should be every person’s life… I hear to music when sad, angry, happy, feeling romantic, feeling cozy, feeling sleepy, feeling uneasy… actually I listen to music whenever possible… to be very frank I sing songs when I can’t listen to music… though I am bad singer, but music matters…

Well there are times in our life, when we listen to a song and we say, “this song will be sung by this one…” this statement is usually said when we talk to our friend about our CRUSH… well my life is a mess and hence when I listen to a song, let that be any song; my mind first takes:

Name Number 1

Then strikes in Name Number 2

And then even better strikes in Name Number 3…

And bingo three names for one song and; my life confuse me again… infatuations for me are so strong that it has 3 to 4 names when counting the list of guys I like… I hate that… I liking more than one guy; is so not done!!! Rather it would have been better if I had 3 to 4 guys liking me… lolzz… jokes apart, it’s really confusing at times as to who do I really like!!! Well my peace mantra is: “don’t think about guys just enjoy music & writing, and eventually something good will happen to you!!!”

Life is just CHILLING!!! Accept it as it comes… it will never give you something you don’t deserve… enjoy music and writing… now I will just stop writing for today as I am really very sleepy… just came in from my shift… scribbled in 2 blogs and now off to the dreamland!!!


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