BLANK PAGE: A Writer’s Nightmare…

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Different people have different fear… a doctor has a fear of life of the patient, lawyer has a fear of losing a case, thief has a fear of getting caught, cops have the fear of not catching a thief, journalist have a fear of reaching late to the news area, call centre employee have the fear of doing something incorrect on a call, teacher have a fear of not completing the syllabus while students have the fear of TEACHER COMPLETING the SYLLABUS, because then they have to study… anyway, different people have different fears…

What is the biggest fear of a WRITER??? Indeed!!! It is a Blank Page!!! Has to be a BLANK PAGE!!! Imagine you sitting 3 hours in front of your computer with a Microsoft Word page open in front of you and you’ve written NOTHING!!! It’s a nightmare!!! Well at times it’s not only the blank page that is the biggest fear of a writer but also a Writer’s Block!!! God! Writer’s Block is worse… falling short of words, falling short of ideas and falling short of CREATIVITY is something no writer would ever want… though I am not a published writer but I feel good to call myself a writer… I remember there was a time when I was going through Writer’s block where I started writing a new thing and suddenly went out of ideas and out words…

It was depressing… well it is depressing for any writer… it is indeed very frustrating to see a BLANK PAGE with no beautiful or harsh words on it… love to see the beautiful words and sentences that is a result of a writer’s emotion…

A person I know once asked me, “why do you have a blog?” maybe no one reads it… but as I always say, I write for myself!!! And when I am writing for myself, a blank page is not very eye-catching… trust me people a blank page is apparently something that no writer want but ironically, every writer has to begin with a blank page but is scared of a blank page!!!

I hope no writers should go in the BLANK PAGE PHASE as it might turn out worse!!!


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