to my Core Trainer- Voice and Accent Trainer and all the other Voice and Accent Trainers:

Too many books to read and no time!!! It is so not done!!! Well NO I am not writing anything on books today, rather this post is all about INDIANISM!!! Many people reading this wouldn’t know what is INDIANISM and the one who would know what it is would be smiling while reading this!!!

In fact the term INDIANISM is a wrong word because when I am typing it on Microsoft Word it gives me the spelling error message and hence I am typing it in all CAPS LOCK… anyways for the people who don’t know what INDIANISM is: “It’s just the mannerism of Indians as we speak… things that may not be wrong grammatically but at times are not appropriate… ”

No school will ever teach you INDIANISM but I learnt INDIANISM when I had given my GRADUATION EXAM and was waiting for my RESULTS… the entire lecture on INDIANISM by my CORE TRAINER was a shock for me… because I realized there are so many things that we say is not appropriate…

Well let me give you some examples of INDIANISM… hmmm to begin with, we Indians usually say, “where do you STAY?” but rather STAY is INDIANISM… the appropriate question should be “where do you LIVE?” sounds good? A bit shocked though, but then yes this is INDIANISM!!! Well another instance of INDIANISM is ‘as of now…’ we use this term so much in our day to day conversation… but as of now is inappropriate rather it should be ‘as yet’… well the next one is ‘the very first day at my work I was in emotions with him…’ here, ‘very first day’ is INDIANISM…

I was appalled to know so many such terms that were inappropriate to use when taking calls for a BRITISH PROCESS… though it was strange but a new experience altogether… I always loved learning new things related to ENGLISH… I always loved English even at school, this was no exception!!!

I was so much into INDIANISM that the main terms like as of now and very first or very last or stay these terms and words were like an alarm for me… even today after 5 months since my core training is over if I hear someone saying as of now I am like all alert and the first word that leaps out of my mouth is, “oye that’s INDIANISM”…

Actually I have realized something about INDIANISM… first of all as the name says they are the terms or words used by INDIANS… and we Indians love putting in that EXTRA EMOTION in everything… we cook with emotions, dance with emotions, sing with emotions, eat with emotions… so how can we leave TALKING alone, hence we talk with emotions as well which resulted into INDIANISM…

My trainer said in the beginning of the lecture while he was teaching us INDIANISM rather de-teaching us INDIANISM as we all were filled with INDIANISM: “INDIANISM is not WRONG but just inappropriate when you talking to a BRIT…”

INDIANISM is just the next step for an Indian to describe a thing with more emotions in it… today while I got a call at work, it was rather a transfer from the other department in my office and my colleague over the phone just told me something and I was totally alert when he said, “…as of now I haven’t taken the customer through security…”  and I just said a big, “okayyyyyy” this okay was so not okay… well I just used another INDIANISM in the statement I just wrote before this… ‘OKAY IS SO NOT OKAY’ here the word ‘so’ is INDIANISM… but when I said the big okayyyyyy on the call to my colleague it was not okayyyyy at all…

Well this is a new thing I have learnt in my life… something that school didn’t teach me, something that school would never teach because INDIANISM is actually not wrong!!!  It is just inappropriate to use…

Well I am saying bye ‘as of now’ and I am sure that most of the people reading this would ‘so’ feel the same way as I did when I learnt about INDIANISM… it’s okay be shocked and surprised as this is the ‘very’ new thing for many of us…


3 thoughts on “INDIANISM, not WRONG but INAPPROPRIATE!!!

  1. I find Indianisms very charming, myself. We have regional variations of English here in the US that are similar to what you are describing. I live in Kentucky, USA, but as they say in Kentucky: I am “not from around here.” Because of this I notice their idioms and speech oddities. There are always attempts to “freeze” English in some particular form and define that as correct. Those efforts always fail because populations and demographics change. There are over 3 times as many English speaking people in INdia as there are in the UK, so demographically, Indianisms may be the dominant form…as of now.


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