A denial by someone isn’t the end of life!!! It simply means that because someone said NO to you there is someone better for you… well world is a pond with many fishes in them… when a guy can say that there are many fishes (women) in the pond, we can also say that there are many fishes (men)…

Well it’s no more the time where a girl cries over some lost love… but eventually what everyone wishes is True Love!!! What is True Love, no one knows!!! Where you would find True Love, No one can say!!! Would you marry your love, no guarantee!!! Would you love your partner after marriage, no surety!!! But still everyone wishes for TRUE LOVE!!!


I have always been bad in relationships, well the statement should rather be, I have always been bad in crushes, because I have never been in nay relationship but had hundreds of crushes… Bejan Daruwala has clearly mentioned about Aries Woman that, “they often fall in and out of love!!!” at times I feel it is true!!! Maybe form e every crush is LOVE!!! Maybe I am too much into my mills and boons and other love stories, where the first guy the girl meets has to be her soul mate!!!

But my dear girlfriends, life is much more real than this… you may kiss a guy and then maybe kiss another and then another, it’s not necessary that you love any of them… maybe you just don’t love anyone!!! A person like me, who has been introduced to reading since I was in 4th grade, enjoyed reading everything and anything… I read so many Mills and Boons and so many love struck novels by famous authors, unknown authors, anonymous authors… I always believed that Love happens only once… still believe in the same funda that Love happens only once!!! But now there’s a small modification to that: Love happens only once, but infatuations may keep on coming until the love does!!! I know it’s kind of too bold but this is the reality… girls and guys think so in their mind while I am just saying it upfront…

Now-a-days people just believe in temporary flings… PEOPLE don’t understand or accept true love when it comes their way but always go behind of true love which is actually not TRUE LOVE… well taking me for example; I love guys who are bad and sweet and when a good boy came and proposed to me I said: NO!!! Though the reason behind the NO, was I didn’t like him at all… liked him as a friend but the other way would be way too impossible… I know I would have been happy with him… he would have been the perfect BOYFRIEND/LOVER/SOUL MATE whatever you call it but I was just not happy looking at the fact that I would get someone so sweet and nice and good so easily… hence I said NO!!! Rather there’s more fun running behind the ones who are difficult to get!!! I like guys who can talk with their eyes and see with their words!!! I hope you know what I mean!!! I need someone who is like and unlike me!!! I need someone who would yell at me when I am wrong and hug me tight like a baby when I am sad… I need someone who would have some bad habit so that I can ask him to stop it!!! I need the one, who would fight with me for movies, music, food and other such petty things…

I want the one who would sing in his most rough voice to make up to me… the one with who would talk to other girls to make me feel jealous, the one who would write random lines on me while sipping coffee at Café Coffee Day or just click a picture of mine when I have ice cream all over my face, because he thinks it’s cute… I want the one who would love me without make-up and tell me that I look ugly with make-up… I want the one who would hold my hand while walking towards the ATM and kiss my forehead before an interview of mine… I want the one who would tell me I am blind when I fall on the road over a stone and would take care of me when I am ill… maybe I am asking for more but this is just the beginning… I know somewhere in my heart I will get the one who would smile at me with the most tired eyes just to cheer me up… the one who would just cuddle up while watching a movie and laugh his heart out when I cry while watching some emotional scene in the movie… the one who would make fun of me and would break the teeth of the one who would make fun of me… the one who would call me fat and ask me to reduce but would take me to M.O.D. over the weekend!!! The one who would watch an Ashton Kutcher movie not for me but because there is a hot heroine in the movie… the one who would read my blog and say, “don’t write so much lovey-dovey crap in your blog” but will flaunt my blog in front of his friends…

I want the one who would come with me for shopping and keep cribbing the entire time about SHOPPING and GIRLS!!! I wish for the one who would love me even when I am sneezing all day… the one who would be awake all night when I am dying with fever and when I am okay makes me realize that he was awake all night for me… the one who would take me out on a date to a road side dhaba and make that place special for me… would handle me with care when I am drunk… would love the frizzy hair of mine and not the nicely styled hair… would love the kohl spread under my eyes after the night’s sleep and not the perfectly shaped kohl over my eyes… would let me cry and abuse when I am sad and then ask me to just relax… should be strong enough to hold me, not that I will FAINT but I would love to be carried away by a strong man… want a guy who would be intellectual enough to spend an entire day in the library with me and then yell at me because I read all romantic novel while he read all the mythological… wish for the one who would look into my eyes when in a room filled with people and make a twister in my tummy… would tell me that I look fat in PINK and still ask me to wear PINK… would text me late in the night just to say that he loves me… would call me up when I am out of town or he is just to make sure I have had enough sleep… would shout at me if I wouldn’t take the proper sleeping hours of mine…

Expecting the one who would cry when he is sad forgetting his male ego… the one who would go to sleep watching a romantic movie… The one who would grow fat day by day but would still have the same love in his eyes and would expect the same love in my eyes…

I wish to be with the one with whom I can see myself growing old, ugly and fatter and with the one who would grow old, ugly and fatter himself, but would still hold my hand when would go out for morning walks… would kiss my forehead in front of the young generation… I wish to be with the one who would have the guts to hold my hand in front of the society and say, “no matter what, she is MINE!!!” and then turn to me and say, “was that a little too much!!!” want the one with whom even the 50th date would feel like the 1st date… with the one who would understand that I am a total bore who hates partying and dancing… the one who would bring me birthday gifts as something that he would want and make me upset… and then would give me the real gift with the sweetest smile… who would travel with me in the Mumbai Local Trains and ask me to get in the Gents compartment and cover me into his hugs when there is a big crowd towards us…

The one who would kiss me in the gentlest way and make me feel special every time his lips would touch mine… would kiss my forehead even when I am sweating… would tell me that he likes my girl friends to tease me… the one who would hold me from back to give me a surprise… the one who would end up hitting a man who have eve-teased me on the road… the one who would get up early in the morning before me just to see me sleeping… the one who would love me to do things like a baby… the one who would treat me like a baby… the one who would hold my hands tight when a problem comes… the one who would discuss things with me apart from making love… the one who would discuss things like the new restaurant or the new book sale… who would come back home late and wake me up from my sleep just to let me know how his day at work was and ask me about my day at work… the one who would take me on long drives and then end up walking on the beach… the one who would propose me for marriage and then say, “let’s not make this a big fuss!!! let it be just you me and our family…” the one who would discuss budget and expenses with me… the one who would listen to me when giving advice… the one who would cry when fight with his dad…  the one who would be jealous when other men would talk to me… the one who would be a bit possessive about me… the one who would shout on the top of his voice when i listen to the music on full volume but wouldn’t ask me to lower the volume…  the one who tell me on the road that he forgot to wear a belt and then laugh his heart out… the one who would not shave for weeks and then say, “i am too lazy to shave…” followed by the grin…

Well I know now I am asking for much more, but then some wishes are good to express… till the time I don’t get such a MAN not a guy but a MAN, I wouldn’t mind looking at the other fishes in the pond, as they say it!!!

😉 😉 😉

Written by Chaotic Soul

Ashmita Chatterjee is a Creative Writer/Blogger from Mumbai. She is an Enthusiast, Straight Forward girl who has found joy in Writing Blogs. Ashmita is a Loud Creator of Amazing Blogs, Short Stories and Erotica at Chaoticsoulzzz! She started her blog in 2011. When Ashmita is not being very busy, she can be found Writing, Reading, Eating, or Recklessly Travelling with her loved ones. She is known by the name of @chaoticsoulzzz on her Twitter and Instagram.


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