.. this is when i would say NO and wave a Goodbye!!!

People usually like about the qualities they want in a guy or a girl… well my last post was something like that… anyway today my blog post would be about the things that I don’t want in a guy… as a matter of fact in the environment I am in, every guy I would meet would be good in communication and ENGLISH… the rest can be taken care of… looks, body structure reallly doesnt matter… every one cannot have a body like that of John Abraham, but can be much more sweeter and hot in his own way… a guy who is nice and healthy can be hot as well…

I am sure that all this things isn’t something only about me but also about many other girls who would say, “Yeah, even I don’t want such a guy…”

So to begin with a person with really bad communication… no offence but I don’t want a guy who would have problems with the normal A B C D or the A, An and THE; or the normal tenses…  it’s a big turn off…

To second that I wouldn’t want a guy who would look at girls with no respect at all and think that every girl is just for ONE DAMN THING!!! This type of a guy is a big NO- NO!!!

A guy with no respect at all for others, like his juniors or his sub-ordinates wouldn’t work for me!!! i am the one who would say Thank you even to the Auto rickshaw driver because he gave me his service… I say sorry even to a beggar when I don’t have a penny to give to him… so I can at least expect the one who would at least respect his juniors…

He shouldn’t be less in weight than me!!! I know this one sounds funny but because I am huge like 67kg so obviously would want someone not less than 75 kg…

Wouldn’t ever like a guy who is even a day younger to me!!! At least 5 years older to me WORKS!!! There is a logical reason behind this… girls mature faster while guys take time… so if I am 21 and act as 24 then my guy has to be 25 or 26 to act like 24!!! My logics are a bit weird!!!

He  shouldn’t be the one who would nag!!! Nagging is for girls… guys it doesn’t suits you…

Shouldn’t be a guy who is addicted to swearing!!! I mean giving the ‘F’ word whenever angry doesn’t seem good!!!

I don’t like the kinds who always live with their SELF EGO!!! Self respect is good but unnecessary EGO means Bye-Bye from my end!!!

Actually i don’t want a BOY but i need a MAN… I just realized that there are very little things that, I actually don’t want, in people… it isn’t that difficult, is it?


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