Erasing thoughts: Not an Easy Task!!!

Erasing someone off your memories is very difficult… at times we human beings gets so attached with people and their habits or their things that even if the person is far away from us we tend to think of them looking at those stuff…

I am like another ordinary human being who finds it really difficult to forget people… we humans, just connect things with a person so much that even if the person is gone we tend to look at some things and then think of them…

I will today jot down some things that remind me of some people…

The first one would be funny and weird for many but it is CREDIT CARDS… credit cards remind me of my dad… he was crazy behind them… the credit cards were also crazy behind my dad… he got a new credit card almost every day… I know I am exaggerating but then he had his wallets filled with credit cards and some credit cards were kept at home… the credit card company used to call my father and ask, “Sir, we have this credit card offer for you where…” before they could even complete their sentence my dad used to say, “fine… I will take it…”

He was not a shopaholic but he was rather a CreditCardaholic… if such a word exists!!! Though it’s been years since I have been away from my father, even today if I hear someone talking about credit cards, I can just relate that person to my father… to be frank I hate credit cards… well there are other things that remind me of my father, one of which is ‘Union Bank of India’, this reminds me of my father because he used to work in Union Bank of India… well I think even chips made of bitter guard reminds me of him as he used to love them…

Football reminds me of Kartik Nayak, he was a sweetheart… people loved him even if he has broken someone’s window pane… girls loved him even if they had a break up with him… he was the darling of our batch in tenth standard… he was an awesome footballer player… and he used to look good in those football shorts… and he used to look awesome when he sweated after a nice game… well he was one of my best friend… actually apart from football, prawns remind me of him… he used to love prawns made by my mom… even today we miss him when we make prawns… love you and miss you kartik!!!

Photography reminds me of a guy… I wouldn’t take his name but whenever anyone speaks about cameras or photography my mind just goes to him… he is an awesome photographer… also the song by ‘Three Doors DownHere without You’, reminds me of him…

Then there is this guy about whom most of my blogs were dedicated lately… well what reminds me of him is a big list… to begin with, whenever I put my Microsoft Word on and start writing a blog post, he is the first thought that strikes my mind… so the first thing that reminds me of him are my own blog posts… then it’s all the terms that falls under Indianisms!!! Words like ‘surely, as of now, staying, very beginning’ etc… words that lies under the category of indianisms remind me of him…

even today when a person says something that has a word of indianism my mind travels back in time to Training Room Number 3… well yeah this reminds me that even Training Room Number 3 reminds me of him… the word ‘Sweets’ is such a word where I just think of him… well there are many things about him that makes me think of him… ‘Not bad’ is another term that he used a lot…  recently when a guy asked me out on a date, before saying No to him I was just taken aback as the guy from my blogs was the one who promised me a coffee and his poems!!! well i miss everything about this man… i miss his stares, his talks, his smiles, his laughs, his messages, his way of saying NOT BAD!!! the way he hugs, everything just everything!!!!

Well I think I would end this post here… so, this is how our human mind and heart is… we relate small things to people and then when that things appears in front of us we just tend to miss that person… it’s not anyone’s fault rather it’s a normal human tendency…

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