Mind or Heart???

“Should I listen to my Heart or Mind?” this is the confusion for many… there are times when our heart says something and to oppose that comes into the picture our Mind… its usually confusing for us when our two friends have opposing views but both are giving their views just for our help…

This is what happens when our heart says something and our mind says something… usually they have their own views that are the two poles!!!

We all know that heart says what we actually want and the mind says thinking about the future in it think…. The mind just thinks of the later consequences and the heart thinks of the happiness or the sadness for the moment…

Both, the heart and the mind suggest for our betterment but we think that one of them is wrong but later we realize that both were right… for example, if my heart says to study ‘English Literature’ but my Mind says to study ‘M.Com’ and if I go with my mind then in the future I will regret doing M.Com because I am not interested in it…

Well it actually depends from situation to situation and person to person… for example, if I am in love with someone, and my Mom says NO to get married to that guy. In this case, my mom’s Mind is saying NO while my Heart says YES!!!


It totally depends on what is the real situation!!! It’s an argumentative topic for sure but then either of it can’t be ever wrong!!! So just go with the moment and everything will happen accordingly!!!

i know its a confusion when your heart says RIGHT and your Mind says LEFT!!! its frustrating… but just take a deep breathe and relax for sometime and you will get the answer no matter what!!! i have written this blog after reading a very special friend’s status update on Facebook… i am not sure if he’s confused of something or what!!! and i know he wouldn’t say about it to me but i would just like to let him know that just realx and and then see who is more powerful your Heart or your Mind???  just chill and take the decision!!!


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