Ask her out!!!

I believe in the classic way, where a guy should go and ask a girl out for a date!!! I mean at least should say, “would you like to come out on a date with me?” and when he says that he should mean it!!! Even if a guy is texting this he shouldn’t use any smiley after the sentence!!! I mean that will kill the entire moment!!! Nor should he then add up saying, “just kidding!!!” or “Hahaha” I mean all this is not done!!!

The text message should be intense with the feelings… I personally don’t like girls going and asking a guy out but people say men like girls asking them out!!! But the problem is that if I go and ask out the guy I like he would think I am joking!!!

I can predict how the text messages would lead to…

“Me: hi what’s up?

He: nothing much u say?

Me: well being a girl would like to ask you if you would come out on a date with me?

He: Hahaha… Yeah sure, why not!!! “

And the “Hahaha” of that guy would actually irritate me then because I would think that it is all just fun for him, though I want no commitment but still even if just a date it should have a bit of seriousness…

Well this is the only reason why I don’t ask out for a date!!! Also would like to know how well a BAD BOY would ask a girl out!!! What would be the level intensity!!! I mean come on a girl is saying so many things through her blog; a guy can at least…. Well wouldn’t say anything about it now!!!

I have lost all hopes now!!! Hahaha!!! I think I should be happy with the small flirting done by him where he says: “so when are you giving me my gift?” well some of these things wouldn’t be understood by the people but just by HIM!!!

You know what, “you are indeed a sweetheart!!! Just be the way you are because people love you for this!!! Everyone misses you loads and everyone includes me as well!!! He is undoubtedly sweet and cute and good looking and HOT!!! Abb chane ke jhaad mein mat chadho… he he he… well but seriously you are too sweet and though at times, I write blogs against you but still love you man!!!”

Ok and guys reading this blog would like to tell you guys that GO and ask the girl you like for a date because you never know that the girl is just waiting for you to ask her out!!! Just gather some courage and just tell her, “would you like to come out on a date with me?” and trust me guys your girl wouldn’t say NO!!!

Okay!!! Now I am done for the day and will write something new tomorrow!!! Have to get going now and get ready for work!!! It’s really irritating to go to work on a festive day!!! Especially when most of my friends are busy celebrating Eid and I have to go to work and take calls!!! Not happening at all!!! Anyway I am looking forward for a date proposal after this blog… let’s see how effective my blog can be!!! well this is a casual relationship, isn’t it?


2 thoughts on “Ask her out!!!

  1. Ha ha finally I am seeing an India F Blogger writing such kinda stuffs.. . I always wanted to know how does it feel the other side.. . now I have complete script to research.. . lolz

    Anyways, lemme tell you in my case, thinking her like you I proposed her like i dnt even remember the count, but it was No, no and always No lolz :p


    1. let me give u a small advice… GIRLS actually dnt know howthey feel and what they want… they are the best example of being CONFUSED… n she needs the one who would understand wht she needs and tell her, “DUDE U DNT KNOW BT I KNWW DAT U LOVE ME!!!”


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