O.K. is no more OKAY!!!

Okay or OK or Ohkay!!! These words have lately had a new meaning altogether!!! It was all okay when ok just meant ok!!! But ok now has a different meaning altogether!!! Ok sounds Rude!!! The inferior meaning of OKAY or OK is “are you done speaking??? I am really bored, listening to your blah blahs!!!”

I know it’s funny that people think that OK is rude whilst OK just means OK!!! At times OK also means ‘FULLSTOP!!!’ which means if a guy asked a girl: “how have you been?” and the reply comes back as: “m just OK!!!” boy it means she’s done speaking to you!!! You are now boring her!!!

Ok initially meant ‘fine’ or its just okay!!! I mean how a person can define ok!!! Well let me search Google and check the definition of OKAY!!! Well just Googled’ the word ‘okay’ and God it has a hell lot of meanings… it means alright when used after a question like: How are you? It means to seek confirmation, assent and approval when used as “Okay..?” or “Is that okay?” it also means an agreement when used as: Okay, will do that!!!

But when we chat and use the word ok It sounds RUDE!!! It actually works like a full stop!!! Just try it once… while you are chatting with a person and if he/she says: “I had been to a nice restaurant yesterday” and if you just reply with an Okay!!! Trust me! Guys that’s the end of the topic…

While I used to chat with my friends on my mobile and we were just talking about something that was very interesting maybe an Ashton Kutcher movie and if I just say okay it means I am bored!!! Maybe today we are taking a wrong meaning of OK but eventually if we use it today people might end up asking you: “are you angry with me?”

Hahaha!!! Isn’t that funny that ok has a new meaning altogether!!! They should define ok once again now!!! Well I use ok when I am bored, when I want to sound rude or when I am angry!!! Just two letters and that’s it!!!

 Would love to end the post with an irony: OK is no longer okay love!!! 😉


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