D-A-T-I-N-G it is!!!

Life feels so good when you are care free!!! I have always been the emotional types!!! Who used to believe in LOVE just because movies and novels have them!!! Dreamed of the most beautiful fairy tale as mine!!! Any girl would do that!!!

Had changed a year ago, but lately again had gone into the same mode!!! And I am out of it again!!! I would love to flirt with the same guy I wanted to be in a relationship with!!! Would love to date him rather than be his love!!! I mean it makes a whole lot of difference!!!

And I am in love with this difference!!! Yesterday evening I flirted, my heart out with the guy I like these days!!! Not too bad, is it??? I mean it was then so comfortable for us to just be ourselves!!! He asked me casually: “When are you dating me?” and I just answered: “whenever you say” I mean this is fun!!! Life can be better when there are no commitments, when there are no complications!!!

I remember, he once telling me: “you know what it’s not necessary that you start a relationship with someone on grounds of commitment! You can just give it a go!!!” well this message is something I understood now!!! And I am all set to give it a go without any commitment!!! No complications!!! No looking into eyes, because that leads to more!!! Just DATING!!! i mean a girl and a guy can date each other and be the best of friends as well right? no jealousy!!! no commitments!!! no lies!!!

I am sure life will be much simpler for me now!!! I feel rejuvenated!!!


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