College Days!!!


I hated my school and have no good memories with school but even today when I pass by my school, there’s this baby smile on my face and the words just come out as: “that’s my school!!!”

Actually I don’t hate my school just that I hate the memories from school. My school friends and teachers were amazing but the problem was with me!!! I was a nerd then!!! A total nerd!!! I used to wear those big glasses!!! I still wear big glasses but those were different!!!

I was horrible then!!! And like a total nerd I used to love reading novels… I spent most of my time at home doing nothing but reading novels or creative articles in newspaper!!! Like then even today I hate reading newspapers for news!!! I love newspapers just for the creative articles!!!

I wouldn’t say that I am not a nerd now, because I know that I am still a nerd at times!!! Well being a nerd is a nightmare even now!!!

Well talking about school reminds me of my college!!! I have loved my college days!!! I have enjoyed my college days!!! I found my best friends in college!!! Had the best of professors in college!!! Had the toughest time in college!!! Still love my college!!! Miss those walk on the stair cases!!! Miss those looking at boys and then saying: “Naah not my types” and then looking at girls and commenting on their dresses!!!

Bunking lectures were on the top list!!! And me and my friend Shrabani didn’t go outside the college once we entered the college, because that was not possible in my college but still used to bunk lecture and sit on the stair case of college where no one would ever come!!! We sat there for hours and DISCUSSED things!!! Things like her crushes, my crushes!!! Then it was like MY LOVE AND YOUR LOVE!!! Funny!!! We discussed so many things sometimes politics, sometimes music, movies but the end of our discussion would be food!!!

I remember the college canteen of ours… it was the smallest canteen one would have ever seen… but I used to love the bhajiya pav and chai from my canteen… later our favorite thing from the canteen was Manchurian pav and chai!!! Ahhh still love the taste of it!!! Library was another palce where we would go but would never take books as the books there were never our types!!! At times we used to meet each other outside college… look at each other and smile and then both would nod their head and say: “which movie has released???” and the dialogue would be followed by a wink and the most notorious smile ever!!! Then we would call Just Dial and take the phone number of Cine Max and would call them and enquire about movies released!!! And then we would check our wallets and calculate and then take Sharing rickshaws to Cine Max and there we were till 12 in the noon!!!

I have had the best of times with Shrabani!!! Thanks to her my college life was amazing!!! Miss my college days!!! Life was so chilling then!! 😉 Well most of the people would think why there is a wink here but the smart one here would smile after this line for sure anyways!!!

Life was so nice then!!! No tensions like: customer service!!! Scores of Customer Service!!! No tensions like paying half of the utility!!! Paying for your own bills!!! Buying clothes for yourself… seriously spending mom’s money was always fun!!!

Friendship day in college was the actual friendship day with hand filled with Sketch pens and friendship bands!!! Valentine’s Day was one day that I never enjoyed in college!!! But that was because I had stopped myself from involvement in all the relationship tangles!!! I had always kept Valentine’s Day for the future!!!

Writing messages on the last page of the book was fun!!! Enacting teachers and then gifting those teachers on Teacher’s Day was a real fun!!!

Well college life is a part that no one would ever regret!!!I hope no one does!!! I wouldn’t ever regret my college days!!! It was fun!!! I wish I could go back to my college days and enjoy more!!!


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