No Strings Attached!!!

No Strings Attached’ finally saw this movie… a friend of mine first told me about this movie and I was like: “okay!!! I would watch the movie only for Ashton Kutcher!!! Otherwise I am not a person who would watch a movie like this…” I had downloaded this movie earlier but then changed my computer and hence it just went off!!!

I, then requested my brother to download this movie for me!!! And finally after a long week, I had the chance to watch the movie on a beautiful Sunday afternoon, with a nice romantic and nice weather!!! Ashton Kutcher was undoubtedly amazing!!! He reminds me of someone!!!

Earlier when a friend told me about this movie I thought the guy would be the one who would go for FRIENDS WITH BENEFITS; but in the movie it was the girl who actually gave in the option of FRIENDS WITH BENEFITS… weird!!! But seriously man this movie is something!!! It’s now in the list of my favorites!!!

Ashton was just so amazing!!! I mean not only his body; but his appearance, his way of behaving with Natalie Portman; I mean everything was just so amazing!!! I wish I have a guy like him!!! He is cute!!!

I would really love to be in something without anything!!! Why do we always need commitments and a term known as RELATIONSHIP!!! Things may work accordingly!!! Life is short as we say!!! So it’s our right to enjoy life!!! Why to think on things that may happen and may not!!! Why can’t life just be like keep working the entire day and the moment you are tired and you have that someone to take care of you, you can just run to that person or just text him and he’ll be there…

There should be promises taken by the girl and the boy like: no jealousy! No commitment! No looking into eyes! No fights! No breakfast together! Not that I wouldn’t love all this would love it but then if there is all this then there would be love!!! And as people know I am like my favorite character Maya… I hate being hurt and hence don’t want to be in love!!!

Being scared of it, I mean LOVE; is a normal tendency in my age!!! And I know when the age is right I will be in LOVE as well!!! But at the moment it’s all about having fun, dating, without any commitments and just be yourself!!!


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