From the Heart Again!!!

Its been a week I guess since I haven’t written a blog that my heart tells me to write!!! Maybe more than a week!!! Its just that I don’t know should I write it or no??? everytime I open my Microsoft Word and begin to type whatever’s in my heart but after two words or three I delete it all… what made me delete it all is something even I don’t know…

Today when I opened my Word page, I just gave it a thought : “that why have I not been writing something that I want to? Why the hell am I stopping myself? Why the hell is something ruling more than my heart?” I mean I’ve always been following my heart, but since a few weeks I have been doing things in the wrong way… I haven’t been doing what my heart says me to do… which is nothing but NOT DONE!!!

It is not that I don’t want to write on SOMETHING but SOMEONE!!! Not that I am scared or too sad to write on SOMEONE but just that what if that SOMEONE wouldn’t like me writing something about them… I don’t know, I feel I am doing injustice to my writings… I can’t just do injustice to my WRITING!!! This is no Writer’s Block but I don’t know just unable to write anything without putting in stress… earlier things just came in smoothely… I never had to scratch my head for writing a blog post but since a few days its been different…

I am hating this a lot… this isn’t me!!! I cant just stop writing for something or someone!!! I just can’t stop doing something that defines ME!!! Well I think I should begin with ‘MAYA’ again and maybe that will give me the energy to be myself once again…

Hmm okay!!! Decided: will write whatever I want to like earlier!!! Will be the same old ASHMITA once again… you know the blogs that I’ve been publishing since few days were not from the heart and this is one post which is again from the heart… SORTED!!! It will again be me and my feelings!!!

Ciao!!! Keep Reading!!! Keep Blogging!!!


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